Umrah is a religious activity performed by the Muslims. For Umrah, Muslims from all around the world travel to Saudi Arabia. They wear a special dress to perform Umrah, called Ihram. Unlike Hajj, Umrah can take place at any month of the year. Previously it has been observed that there is a hype created for cheap Umrah packages 2019 with flight tickets by the travel agencies and companies.

Following are the factors which are expected to be the reason behind the hype of cheap Umrah packages.

1. A separate category in travel

There are a lot of categories of travelling like adventure travelling, business travelling, honeymoon travelling, holiday travelling and etc. But because the number of people who travel for Umrah is higher, therefore, there has been introduced a new category named commonly Umrah travelling. There are different agencies which name it differently, some use religious travelling, some call it Pilgrimages but the most commonly used one is Umrah travelling.

2. A large number of Travelers

According to Statista, on average there are 15.76 million people who travel to Saudi Arabia every year and this number is expected to be over 20 million people annually by 2020. As mentioned above, Umrah requires less time as compared to Hajj. Therefore, more people perform this religious activity. And Muslims travel all the year for Umrah from all around the world. Hence, there is a larger number of people who travel from different cities, to target this larger part of the population the travel agencies have added another category in their services. In that category, travel agencies provide customers with pocket-friendly packages to attract more customer and to increase their share in Umrah travel services.

3. Cheap Fight Packages

As the number of people who travel to Saudi Arabia is high. Therefore, the travel companies and air travel companies attract the customers by setting lower prices. More flights and fewer charges charged from the customers ultimately increases the profits of the travel companies. That is the reason that almost every travel company nowadays offer fewer prices and cheap Umrah packages to cater to the larger number of people as compared to the competitor travel companies.

4. Month of Zilhajj

The month of Zilhajj is that special month in which the Muslims perform the religious obligation of Hajj. According to Statista, about 2.4 million people performed Hajj in the month of Zilhajj. As this month is considered sacred in the religion of Islam that is why people try to perform Umrah near or during this month to get more reward from God. This month is also a reason that everyone starts talking about cheap Umrah packages.

5. Increase in the number of hotels in Saudi Arabia

As there is a large number of people who travel to Mecca and Medina every year, therefore there are so many hotel plazas constructed in these cities, especially near Mecca. These hotel owners deal by contracting with online travel agencies and provide the required packages. Those hotels which are located near Mecca or Medina, provide convenience to foreign visitors who do not know Arabic, which is the reason that they charge more.

Above mentioned are all the factors which are caused due to the potential travellers of Umrah and are the reason why most of the people are interested and talking about the cheap Umrah packages.


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