The cryptocurrency market is one that’s very hard to predict. There are certain factors that investors can look at for some basis, but that’s not always valid. The inherent volatility of this digital asset would always come into play, and it leaves many amateur traders baffled as to how they can better protect their interests.

It’s usually a challenging venture among traders or those who buy and sell coins to make some profits. But over the years since the first crypto was introduced, this type of investment has proved to be a promising one. As a digital asset and a new currency, it has found its application in various industries, and many companies and individuals realized its power as a store of value.

For trading purposes, the price is by far the essential element. Traders need to know whether to trade their assets or not depending on the possible price changes. This is how profit is made, and it shouldn’t be overlooked or taken for granted. In recent market updates, the steadily upward movement of bitcoin price was observed, and it affected various financial transactions on the cryptocurrency network.

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When analyzed, this can be attributed to multiple factors, such as economic events, regulatory changes, and more. In order to pinpoint exactly what drives this increase in bitcoin value, the following facts should be properly considered.

Bitcoin has Developed Maturity Over the Years.

During its early years in the industry, bitcoin aimed at offering a better alternative to the existing banking system. With its decentralized network, it makes various financial transactions more convenient and user-friendly given the absence of a regulatory agency or intermediary and also allows participants to be anonymous in conducting business. The blockchain ledger where such transactions occur has proven integrity as it guarantees transparency among users by making records accessible to everyone in the network.

As a result of notable progress through the years, this cryptocurrency has reached an ideal status of maturity. Meaning it becomes more stable and acceptable to more and more investors. Although it remains volatile, using the coin for personal and business purposes has always been favourable among many traders and investors. Today, there is a growing number of payment processing companies and financial institutions that are adopting virtual currency to keep up with the trends.

More Institutions are Adopting Bitcoin

Many investors have found the practical use of bitcoin as a store of value during challenging economic times. This has been observed in recent years as more people convert their assets into digital currency to avoid losing the substantial value of their wealth. Not only is this the factor why more individuals are adopting bitcoin because another major reason is it makes various financial transactions simpler and more convenient among consumers.

As a form of investment, industry experts believe that there is a strong potential for the asset to overcome inflation and provide price appreciation over time. But central banks and governments are now collaborating to impose appropriate regulations and create their own digital money in fear of possible threats that the crypto may pose among consumers. These initiatives, although they appear contradictory, also have some advantages in acknowledging cryptocurrency as a potent force in changing the current financial landscape.

Inflation and Lower Purchasing Power

Since 2019 when the Covid-19 pandemic began, the global economy was hardly challenged. There has been an increase in the prices of commodities, and the purchasing power of the dollar has substantially lowered. This unfortunate event forced many governments around the world to provide stimulus packages to keep their economies alive. It also impacted the world of cryptocurrency by triggering price changes which left many investors clueless.

Analysts claim that part of bitcoin’s price appreciation can be attributed to fears of inflation and its use as a hedge against such a threat. This scenario may likely continue as more stimulus packages are being doled out, and many investors couldn’t find any other safe haven for their assets, except cryptocurrency as a store of value.

Bitcoin Halving is Another Factor

Halving is an event when the cryptocurrency platform cuts the rewards for mining in half, and it also affects the inflation rate and the rate at which the asset enters circulation. It is correlated with intense boom and bust cycles that have ended with higher prices. Each halving, as experts noted, can increase the assets stock-to-flow ratio or the currently available stock circulating in the market relative to the newly flowing stock. riskmarket is one that’s very hard to predict

The stock-to-flow ratio doubles every four years; thus, investors could get an idea in advance as to the possible future price movements. Since its inception, the bitcoin price has followed very close to its growing stock-to-flow ratio. However, every time a halving is made in the network, bitcoin encounters a massive bull market that could potentially crush its previous all-time high.

Risk Note:

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are considered highly volatile and unpredictable. If you are planning to invest in these assets, it is safe to evaluate and manage the risks carefully. There are promising gains that can be possibly acquired from this line of business, but they don’t come without any risks. You may be able to find the right investment opportunity on this website!

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