Website design is made up of a lot of elements, and a Contact Us form is among the most important ones. It acts as a medium of conversation between you and the visitor that is looking out for any product or service. You will benefit from it because through a contact form you can generate leads and increase the conversion rate of your business.  

Now, you might be wondering why do you need a contact form when you already have your email address or phone number mentioned on your website? The answer is really simple. Having a contact form on the website makes the visitors believe that you are available for them any time.

A contact form makes it easier for the visitors to ask queries if they have any, or get in touch with you within seconds. 

What is a contact us form, and how does it look like?

A Contact Us form is a normal form that has a set of questions that needs to be filled by your visitors. The details are then automatically sent to your email address for you to access.

It includes the following fields. Of course, you can add different fields according to your need-

Full Name of the visitors for your database.
Email Address, which can help you with your email list.
Phone Number to contact the visitor again if there is any need.
Social Media handles to stay in touch with your customers.
Attachments, so that people can share an external file, image, video, etc
Interactive Map which shows the location of your business.
Confirmation Message, which will show ‘Your message was sent successfully.’

Why is it important?

Let’s finally try to understand how Contact forms are important for your online business and why it is an absolute necessity for you to include one on your website-

It helps you generate more leads- When a visitor is going through your websites’ products and services, it is considered to be the right time to collect their details. It will eventually help you create your email list.
It makes you more reachable- You can’t be available on your phone number 24*7, and you also cannot afford to lose your potential customers. Thus, contact forms play a vital role in the visitors believing that they can reach you anytime.
Provides convenience to your visitors- Having a contact form makes it easier for the visitors to have a conversation with you. They don’t have to worry about emails when contacting is just a click away.
Gives you assembled information- When customers send you to message on email, they may miss out on a lot of information like phone number or order number. In contact forms, you can mention the fields according to your needs and audience and make it mandatory for them to fill.

Important factors for a contact us form-

Designing- The color, fonts, position, buttons, and every element matters a lot. It should eye-catchy yet easy on the eye. The contact form should not be complicated and easier for the visitor to fill out.
Functionality- Of course, this is very important. You don’t want your contact form to look good but not working. Check all the fields and buttons before you make it go live.
Responsiveness- Many people have been accessing websites via mobile devices. Make sure that they can ‘Submit’ the form without having to face any problems.

Where can you place them?

Let’s first talk about all the possible places where you can include your contact form on your website.Main Menu- This is the most important place. It is the first thing that a visitor comes across and it is comparatively easier for the user to navigate on different pages using the Main menu.

SideBar- Placing the contact form on the sidebar will make it display on every page or blog a visitor is going through. Even if the visitor is reading a blog or browsing through a product, they can easily fill out a form.
About Us Page- Although this page is all about your business, it’s always a good idea to place the contact form here. You can talk about your business and also add a CTA to this page.
Contact Page- Well, obviously! This is why we are all here. A contact form has to be present on a page made especially for this particular purpose.

Footer- People usually look for contact details in the footer menu, which makes this place as important as others. They can easily click through the footer menu and go about the form.

Some tips to make your Contact Us form look good- 

Make a consistent placement of all the fields.
Minimize the requirement for the user to write a lot.
Keep all the questions logical and in a conversational sequence.
Add check-boxes and drop-down menu to save users’ time.
Always include a label above the input fields.
Don’t forget to label the optional and required fields.
A confirmation message is a must. Also, include an error message in case of an unsuccessful submission.

Final thoughts-

The contact form is equally important as the whole web design. Effective web design has good navigation, written and visual content, relevant keywords, CTA’s and a functional contact us page for you to grow your online business and increase sales, all the aspects are essential. 

Now that you know the importance of a contact form for effective web design go and add contact forms on your website wherever you find it necessary.

Make use of all the information and tips provided by us in this article.

Good luck!

Author's Bio: 

William Hills is a technical writer at JanBask. He loves writing and sharing topics on web development Services, website development services, Java application development, cloud computing solutions and latest trends going around in web world.