In today’s world, checking your pregnancy results with manual (stick) pregnancy strips has become outdated and people don’t seem to rely more on manual strips as there develops a doubt that the results might not be reliable due to external factors affecting the manual strip such as temperature, moisture and direct contact with any surface can alter the results since stick strips contained colored dyes which might change by external chemical reactions. In addition, record keeping for manual strips becomes difficult so with advancement in science, users have now shifted from manual to digital pregnancy kits. From toothbrushes to commodes, kettles to mobs, everything around us is getting a touch of batteries. Because of new research and development, digital pregnancy test kits are coming with the Bluetooth option as well. Some of the brands like Clearblue give you the intimation regarding for how long you have been pregnant.

Regarding the accuracy of digital pregnancy test, these tests also depend on usage. Time and user’s method of using matters otherwise the results will not be correct.

Pregnancy and its early symptoms

Just like home pregnancy tests, digital pregnancy tests have also the same principle. In an unprotected sex, the chances of sperm to reach the egg and fertilize it increase. And then the embryo is formed once the zygote multiplies and divides. Baby starts to develop in early pregnancy after implantation bleeding. The menstruation cycle and new hormones known as pregnancy hormones start to develop which can be checked in urine. That is why early pregnancy can be checked by the urine test, blood test or pregnancy strip test.

Result detection

The HCG hormone that is secreted in urine, gets visible in this stripe be it manual or digital. In a manual stick strip, these tests are shown as coloured lines. Whereas in digital ones, the results come for a shorter period of time so make sure to note them quickly before they vanish.


The results of digital strips are most precise and they have the maximum chances of being perfect as the result might be incorrect only in 2 cases. Either the user has done some mistake or lagged behind in noting the test result. In case their pregnancy is negative, then it means there is no pregnancy and there is 100% accuracy of a negative pregnancy test under a digital domain. However in case of positive results the test shows a plus sign.


The accuracy doesn’t always depend on the user but also on a brand. When six days are gone until one has missed her period, the accuracy is maximum with most of the brands. Under normal circumstances, there is a certain level of HCG hormone in one's urine. However, when it rises from 25mIU/Ml, this means that a woman is in pregnancy.

The accuracy of digital tests is the most in early stages of implantation. In addition, one of the reliability reasons is that unlike strip tests, they do not have dim/evaporating lines so the possibility of doubt is the least if the strips are handled and used with case and all instructions are followed carefully. The accuracy also depends on how soon the test is taken. The closer to your period, you take the test the accuracy percentage increases. Clearblue digital strips are most reliable and dependable.


In order to check the results on digital or manual strips, the subject has to urinate on the specified area and wait for a few minutes until the working is complete. A digital checker will display the words not pregnant or pregnant depending upon the result. Many people favour these strips, as it is relatively difficult to understand and interpret the manual strips. Whereas the digital strip tells the outcome itself, so it is either yes or no, no in between.
People rely on this strip because it eliminates the factor of doubt and reduces the possibility of object/instrument error. In addition, while it is working on result formation, the countdown bar that shows the progress adds to one’s excitement and gives you an idea as to when you would know your result.


Hence digital pregnancy test strips are worth buying as where they are many times more expensive than the manual stick strips, on the same side they are more accurate and easy to interpret as well. Therefore, if it is a yes, the candidate can enjoy the good news with full confidence without any doubt and can go confidently to the doctor with the results.

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