It is amazing that when our government sends out a bids to spend taxpayer's money, and as soon as one corporation loses a giant contract they initiate a lawsuit. These processes cost a lot of money, our money. And as a result, it slows down the government's efficiency tying up everything in court, while nothing gets done and the citizens are the ones who go without those services that the government has been entrusted to provide us. These include the services that our tax dollars are paid for and that we voted for.

What's worse is that the businesses are constantly bombarded with lawyers, and courts, and it causing decreased profits, fewer jobs, and yes, less tax revenue into the government. The exact problem which the government has allowed to kill commerce in America is now making them ineffectual. Lawsuits in the government bidding process are now so common, that it sometimes takes six months just for the government to buy something, to solve a problem.

There are instances when the government awards a contract to the wrong bidder, and it is quite unfortunate, but in the real world it is the buyer that makes the decision, not those companies that are bidding. If they happen to lose a bid, they need to be quiet and go sit in the corner. If the government chooses one company over another for any reason other than the stipulations in the bid, they should simply reimburse the company for the time that was spent in preparing for that particular solicitation, but no more than that.

However tying with something up in court for six months to three years will only lead to more lawyers on both the side of the government, and the private sector and in the end it's usually the taxpayer which foots the bill for those legal cots. I'm not sure about you, but as a taxpayer I am not okay with that. Think about this.

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