Reiki is a Divine life force energy. Reiki is a universal life force energy, where universal is “RE” and life force energy is “KI”. Reiki is a universal energy. Reiki is a life force energy. Reiki is positive energy.

Reiki is a beautiful science to learn. and at the present time very easy to understand. if you have not done any spiritual practice before you can start with reiki. Reiki creates harmony.

Reiki connects you to divine energy. you feel positive, energetic, more focused, balance, loveful, fresh, peace, calm.

Reiki in Rishikesh

Reiki Healing
Reiki is a very good method of healing. Reiki heals everything, eighter its living or nonliving things. its a kind of support to you who is with you all the time. whenever you need a support Reiki is there for you.

Reiki is like a best friend, like a mother’s love who always wants good to you. Reiki is positive energy.

Meditation in Rihikesh

Reiki in Rishikesh
Reiki in Rishikesh
Reiki is a universal life force energy. in reiki, you connect yourself with divine energy. it’s not you who is healing its a divine energy who heals, we are just a channel to heal ourselves or heal others. it’s the matter that someone knows the technique to connect to the divine source.

yes, practice matters that if you are practice well you will feel the connection better. Reiki healing, no one can see but we can feel the energy.

Healing in Rishikesh

Reiki healing in Rishikesh
Reiki healing in Rishikesh
Reiki for stress
Reiki healing helps in stress. if the person is in stress one should take the Reiki session, or he or she can learn Reiki. because Reiki helps to reduce stress. or sometime you will be able to know the reason of stress. that why you are facing such kind of phase in your life.

Past Life Regression in Rishikesh

you know the reason behind your stress. after doing Reiki you feel motivated, you feel that you can handle your stress and Reiki healings gives you the energy to overcome your stress. Reiki makes your energy fresh, after the Reiki session you feel fresh, you feel positive, love full, you feel joy and these all feelings and emotions are opposite to stress.

means reiki energy is high energy and stress-energy is low energy. If we are practicing Reiki or taking sessions of reiki we feel positive. and helps to reduce stress.

Reiki healing in Rishikesh
Reiki healing in Rishikesh
Kriya Kundalini Yoga in Rishikesh

Reiki and Health
Reiki is divine energy, reiki is a life force energy, reiki is love energy, reiki creates harmony, reiki is a healing reiki healing, you connect yourself with divine energy and try to be in divine consciousness. reiki is positive energy. Reiki heals everything

body, mind, soul, emotions, thoughts, relations, health, food, water, situation, feelings, plants, animals, etc..

you can heal living things as well as non-living things with’s like a prayer that you can pray for anything, in the same way, you can heal anything with the help of reiki.

with the help of reiki, you can heal yourself as well as your health.if you give attention to the word of health is comes from heal.

Life Coaching in Rishikesh

Reiki healing in Rishikesh
Reiki healing in Rishikesh
Reiki protect us from Negative Energy
positive energy gives us joy, happiness, love, and negative energy makes us feel depressed, hateful.

in science, there are only two types of energy positive energy and negative energy.

positive energy is like Reiki energy, Divine energy, Kundalini energy, and negative energy is like black magic, etc..

Deeksha in Rishikesh

in black magic, the person who doesn’t like someone gives him/her a bad intention or doesn’t want him/her to grow or to be healthy or any kind of bad intention or to curse someone.

In Reiki 3rd level there is a technique that how to protect yourself from that kind of negative energy, how to clean that kind of negative energy, how to remove the psychic attack.

Sri Yogasth Vidya in Rishikesh

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