In this digital era, everything around us is in digital form due to the technological advancements. "Art is Long, Life is Short", you may know that art is an asset for the artist and there are people fond of artwork. But in the market artist talents are exploited by the middleman/third party like art galleries and agents. Let us discuss how the digital platform is intruding on the artworks.

What is Art tokenization?

Art is a costly affair. Art lovers, supporters, having financial support have been can support the artworks. The special art is made as a digital collection and its ownership is discovered. The artwork is digitized as many tokens and it is available for sale to the art lovers.
On the Tokenization platform, each token is upheld by Art's worth and right to ownership. That indicates your share of the art for the precise value. Art asset-backed tokens have a cover limit as to how many units of tokens they can market, so the quantity is limited and the value grows over time without becoming reduced.

The motto of this artwork tokenization is to provide art as a form of tokenization in the virtual form this may help those who own the art tokens and interested persons can share the art tokens among them. The holders of these tokens can trade(Buy or sell) the tokens in asset exchanges that support them to make profits.
Each artwork can be tokenized using an Art Tokenizing platform. 

Why is art tokenization important to the Artists and everyone in general?
The Art environment is strongly constrained by the group of people that decides the cost of the work and it is disrupted by the third-party intervention.
We will see how artwork is set at a price before marketing or displaying in the art gallery.

The price of an artwork is guided by certain determinants like the size of the artwork, the eminence of the artist, the eminence of the art dealer, the medium, etc. In a regular scenario, the art dealer buys out the art from the artist and based on his eminence, sets a price section to rate the artwork. 

The gallery which displays these works operate on two main business models, 1)It buys out the artwork directly from the dealer, and displays it. 2) works with the art dealer on a Profit sharing model. Either the dealer or the gallery stands to make more profit than the artist. And the artists have limited resources from his artwork by sharing with dealers and galleries.

Tokenization helps the Artist

Tokenizing the artwork allows an artist to feasibly grow without depending on middlemen/third party or can directly prefer to go with tokenization platforms to tokenize their artwork. This guarantees that their work is recognized, the actual value is assessed transparently and the artist gets the highest benefit. Art tokens can probably change the lives of artists who can then focus on building more works that they can sell directly to clients, without the concern of dropping out of funds.

How does art tokenization work?
The first step to creating a tokenized art involves reforming them to art tokens that can be tradeable on the compatible exchange platforms. Before the art tokens can be created and distributed, there are some precautions, agreement tests that have to be performed.
Agreement and undertaking

While building the art tokens, the agreement agency checks the authenticity of the artwork (for already created artwork), does a knowledge check on the artist, and an undertaking letter that the artist is liable for its fulfillment and other liabilities (In case the artist is raising investments for the artwork they are yet to build.)
Partnering with a platform

Often it would be easier for the artists to partner with a platform that they can work with to carry out all the legal formalities, hold the escrow for the artwork and take care of the disparate conventions required before the art tokenization
Art Tokenization

To build artwork tokens, a dedicated token development company is aided and it will assist you in clearing the formalities. After that tokens are created with the help of smart contracts transferred to the artist who has created the artwork tokenized.

Once the completion of tokenization an escrow service is enabled on the platform to handle the transactions and precise events to release the payments on the time to secure the investments of the investors and to provide hassle-free transactions.

Listing on a Tokenized art asset Exchange

Before listing the art tokens, the exchange carries out a check for all the essential agreements and the details about the escrow. Once the exchange permits the art token, it is listed for trading. Anyone can buy/sell them.

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