Getting a massage has many mental and physical benefits that are both well documented. Let's look at how giving a massage actually benefits the massage therapist as well. This is only my opinion based on observation of myself and how I feel during and after treating my clients. I've found many personal benefits that are also mentally and physically rewarding to me as well.

1. Massage takes the focus off myself. I see massage as another form of meditation. Just like different forms of exercise like yoga and walking, When my whole body is involved in a physical movement, it helps me to focus my mind. It's a relief to take a break from focusing on my own worries and put 100% of my attention on someone else. Putting the attention completely on someone else is easy and takes the mental stresses off myself.

2. Regular contact with clients keeps me healthy mentally and physically. Once I had a conversation with a nurse and we both discussed how both of us are constantly around other people yet we rarely ever get sick. We both agreed that the constant exposure to others whether sick or healthy contributed to us both having very strong immune systems. Since we've spent so much time around people, there probably isn't a lot we haven't been exposed to.

3. Massage is relaxing. With constant noise and electronics devices going off everywhere at all times, it's so nice to have a quiet place to retreat to. How often in the day can you take a break from all the chaos going on around you? I tell my clients that doing massage is a break for me too! They love that and it's the truth.

4. Giving massage is instant gratification! There are many areas in life where we have limited control but with my massage, I know I'm going to improve the quality of that person's life in a short period of time! Whether its pain or a great need for taking a rest, I know I can take great care of my clients and give them what they need. After the massage, they feel better and I feel energized!

5. Contributing positive touch in the world. I'll never forget that sociology class I took in grade school when the teacher mentioned how as we increase technology, we actually decrease physical human contact. In some ways technology has brought many of us closer and yet some of us have become increasingly isolated because of it. Massage is a way to remain connected to other human beings. I believe it's a great idea for single people to get regular massage to promote well-being and to supplement touch that is missing from their lives.

After many happy years as a professional massage therapist, I don't see myself as a healer as much as a conduit for healing. The human body is an amazingly intelligent organism that's capable of healing itself with the right information. How does your massage practice benefit your life?

Author's Bio: 

Lea Johnson has been a practicing licensed massage therapist for almost two decades. She is now thrilled to share her no-nonsense advice to other licensed massage practitioners to help them find their own way into their practice or improve the one they have.