Do you feel that girls ignore you and it’s hard to get them to notice you? If you want to get this handled and have more success with girls, it’s important to know why it’s happening.

Some guys seem to get all the attention from girls, and some seem to get ignored completely. If you believe you’re in the second group, this is definitely something you want to change.

Before you can change it, it’s necessary do know why girls ignore you. You can’t alter something effectively if you don’t understand why it’s happening. There is no single reason why guys get ignored by girls, but there are a few that are by far the most widespread.

Being Too Quiet

If you’re a quiet guy who keeps mostly to himself and when he does decide to talk, he speaks in a weak, insecure voice, girl will definitely not pay attention to you. This isn’t because they’re mean or anything. You’re just not on their radar.

Shy and reserved guys tend to be invisible. They don’t get themselves noticed because they don’t express themselves. Typically, they need to consciously start becoming more outgoing and they need to improve their confidence in order to do so. Otherwise, guys who are often below them but more confident steal the girls’ attention.

Being a Stranger

Some guys would like a certain girl to notice them but they haven’t even made five minutes of conversation with that girl. Girls don’t usually notice a guy and give him their attention just like that.

On of the best ways to get a girl to pay attention to you is to converse with her and give her the chance to know you. The key here is not to impress her, it’s just to make conversation with her and put yourself out there. If you’re not another stranger in the crowd to a girl, she’ll pay a lot more attention to you.

Being Distinctive

The problem a lot of guys have is that they blend in too much. They dress like very other guy, have the same hobbies, talk about the same things, in the same way and have the same things to say. They’re general and predictable.

Well, this is a huge turnoff for most girls. They notice the guys who have something unique and stand out. They pay more attention to such guys and they want to get to know them better.

For this reason, it’s important to stand out. From the way you dress to the ideas you have, you want to have originality. And the key to having this originality is most of the time to simply allow your personality to shine, instead of trying to fit in. You are unique; so express your uniqueness.

Trying Too Hard

It’s fundamental to be social and expressive. At the same time, make sure you don’t make the common mistake of obviously trying to impress a girl. You want to express yourself as you are, not as you think girls would like you to be.

You see, girls don’t really like a guy who tries hard to impress them. His try-hard behavior makes him come off as insecure and desperate. Focus on learning to be relaxed, and to express yourself elegantly, but without ever trying to astonish others.

Even if girls ignore you now, you can change that. By making the right tweaks in your attitude, you personality and your social communication style, you can put across a charismatic, masculine vibe. And girls will react to it and to you positively.

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Eduard Ezeanu is a communication coach specializing in social success. If you enjoyed this article, also discover the art of overcoming shyness and find out how to impress a girl from two first-class articles on his People Skills Decoded blog.