You can easily publish your product collection to Facebook, make special collection section, and hide individual products from being shown, after setting up the Facebook shop and getting it activated. A particular set of products appear on the Shop corner of your Facebook Page that you make available to the Facebook pixel app on Shopify.

However, the changes that you make are automatically synced to Facebook related to the published products. Ensure to review the commerce merchant agreement of Facebook, including the Commerce Policy that has the details of the products that are not be sold on Facebook before you start selling them.

Product requirements:
A product must meet a few requirements to appear on the Facebook pixel app.
1. It should be present on Facebook Shop.
2. I should be in a collection present on the Facebook Shop.
3. There should be an option of shipping, so it cannot be counted as a digital product.
4. Offer return policy.
5. Product title is a must, which should be less than 100 characters. The title should not be in all caps.
6. The product description is a must.
7. Put the image with every product.
8. The post must be according to Facebook's commerce policy, and it should not violate community standards.
9. It cannot be free at any cost.

Your products should be available to Facebook Shop:
You can publish your products via Facebook pixel app on Facebook Shop by Facebook Shop > Publishing. Following are the steps to follow:
1. Click Add product to add the products to your store if you do not have any products available in your store. In case you have products in your store and are not available to Facebook Shop, click on availability to visit the products page in your Shopify admin to make the products visible.
2. Click on the product name that you want the Facebook page to show on it.
3. Click Manage in the product availability section of the details page of the product.
4. Check the Facebook Shop in the Manage Sales channels availability and then click Manage.
5. Last but not least, click save.

Make your products visible on Facebook Shop:
You can view the collections present in the Facebook pixel app on the Facebook shop > Publishing page from the Shopify admin. In case you do not have any collection, make the All products collection present on the Facebook Shop to make the products appear on the Shop. Indeed, you can make a manual collection for Facebook to keep the upcoming products in control.
Following are some of the steps that you can follow:
1. Go to Products > collections from your Shopify admin.
2. Click the name of the album that you demand Facebook to show to the visitors.
3. Click manage on the product availability section of the album page.
4. Check Facebook Shop in the Manage sales channels availability and then click Done.
5. Last but not least, click save to save the changes done.
For every collection, repeat the steps to make the albums visible on your Facebook Page.

Status of Facebook Publishing:
The Publishing page might show several errors, which may prevent a product from getting published on your Facebook Page. However, you can use this particular information given in the Issues column to sort out the problems occurring in any product, which you want to publish on your Facebook pixel app.

Facebook provides a wide variety of options related to publishing and sales purchase; thus, Facebook is a must for any Shopify store because it provides feasible options for an entrepreneur.

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