Many office job openings include Excel skills requirements. Why this program is needed, in what areas of activity knowledge of Excel is useful .
Who should be able to work with Excel - from logisticians to accountants
Microsoft Excel is a functional and useful program, which is a ready-made table with options for automatic filling, quick calculation and calculation, graphing, etc.

Features of Excel

The program helps to solve various problems:

- automate calculations;
- build charts and graphs according to the entered data;
- process results;
- visualize data and create reports;
- prepare documents, etc.

To work confidently with the program, you need to have at least minimal skills and abilities: filters, manual filling of tables, reporting.

Who needs Microsoft Excel

Often such skills are required, including for the following professions:

- accountants - reports, pivot tables, use in combination with 1C;
- economists - financial calculations, price recalculation, data analysis;
- logisticians - work with databases;
- sales managers - maintaining a client base, grouping information, etc.

The program is universal, it helps to work with databases, keep records, do analyzes, create reports, etc. After completing the excel course, you will be able to quickly master the work with the Microsoft product and successfully apply the acquired skills in practice. This is useful both for existing employees and for young professionals who are just about to find employment.

Types of Excel training courses

It is not difficult to master the program, especially if an experienced teacher works with you. You need to decide on the purposes of using Microsoft Excel - it's one thing to just create tables and draw diagrams, and another thing is to create macros. Therefore, courses are usually divided into several categories, offering programs for:

- financiers (preparing reports, calculating salaries and solving other basic tasks);
- business (data analysis, budget planning, preparation of charts for reports, etc.);
- advanced level - Advanced (the ability to prescribe macros, implement add-ons, etc.).

Decide on a goal and choose the right course for Ginger School.
We emphasize once again that Excel is one of the most versatile and useful programs that is actively used in various professions. The time spent learning how to use this tool will be a promising investment in your career.

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