Even before learning to write the letters, children attempt expressing their thought through drawing. Drawings of children should not be meaningful all the time. The doodles they make might not leave any meaning at all but it shapes their mental health. As a parent you must be aware about the reasons why drawing is necessary for your child.

For understanding the child:

Your kid cannot talk until a certain age but can start drawing earlier. The lines or circle of other spots your kid make on the paper might help you understanding the psychology of the kid.

For mental health:

Sometimes words are not really enough for understanding the mental development of your kid. By letting him play with all the colors might help you figuring out your kid’s interest, psychological development and thoughts about the world and people. Psychological development through drawing is universally approved. All kids go through the same stages in certain periods of lives. By looking at their drawings, you can always predict if there is some changes needed in their routines or not.

To explore their ideas:

It is the first job of a parent to help the kids explore their ideas. Exploring ideas with the help of drawing is much easier. Let your child be himself. Don’t push him to be like something else. Telling him to put colors in the drawing book is against his mental health. By saying so, you are closing all the gates of creativities in your kid and putting a standard to each object in the world. Let your kid add wing to a human figure and don’t discourage by saying that humans don’t have wings.

To Socialize:

When your kid is going to the school with a piece of art made by him and another one appreciates, there starts socializing. By taking part in a drawing competition, your kid can always come to know about the ideas of other kids of the same standard.

To find out future interests:

I have seen a number of children drawing in early ages and leaving the passion while growing up. With the discouragement of people around, this might happen but don’t let this happen to your child ever. Through drawing, you can find out what interests your kid and can predict the kid’s future interests. You might assume that your kid is going to be an architect by looking at all the houses and interior designs he has drawn.

To make your kid feel independent:

Drawing is not only a game of colors rather it is a world of independence to your kid. Rather than giving the exact shape to every object, teach your kid to figure out how things are. By getting the independence to create things by own ways, your kid will certainly feel independent and special.

Each kid is each individual spirit that might be understood a little with the help of their drawings. Make sure that which one is better to draw for your child, marker or paint? Because color is so sensitive for your babies you know. And choosemarker is the best solution for this regard.

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Children draw to express what they are feeling and thinking. Drawing is an especially important outlet for children who do not yet have the verbal skills to communicate their feelings