For patients with prostatitis, we can often find a very strange phenomenon: some symptoms related to prostatitis will become very light, and the prostate will feel more comfortable in summer. In addition, it is easier to treat prostatitis in summer, especially for patients with chronic prostatitis.

If a bacterial infection is confirmed, then antibiotics should be taken. Quinolones, like levofloxacin, is the preferred antibiotic for at least two weeks. If it is non-bacterial prostatitis, people may need herbal medicine for treatment, the effect will be better, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.

It is undeniable that the symptoms of male prostatitis will be relieved in summer, and many patients confirm it. So, why do prostatitis patients feel comfortable with the prostate in summer? There are three main factors.

First of all, the amount of urine in summer is reduced.
Compared with winter, the total amount of urine and the frequency of urination in summer will be reduced. The main reason is that people's summer activity is substantial, the temperature is rising, and the amount of sweating is also increasing. Sweating a lot helps the body speed up the metabolism of water, thereby reducing urine production.

The total amount of urine is reduced, thus avoiding the life behavior of holding urine. Most people's prostatitis is related to holding urine. It is because of holding urine that prostatitis becomes more prominent.

As we all know, the main symptoms of prostatitis are abnormal urine, such as reduced urine volume, urinary bifurcations, urination pain and so on. When the amount of urine decreases, the associated discomfort rarely occurs, and the prostate naturally becomes much more comfortable.

In summer, regular exercise is needed to maintain the prostate. Daily exercise can increase the amount of sweating, thus reducing the amount of urine and the metabolic pressure of the prostate. It can also maintain the prostate and avoid repeated inflammation.

Second, the temperature is high, and a high temperature will affect human blood vessels. Human blood vessels are also affected by thermal expansion and cold contraction. When the temperature rises, the blood vessels will expand. The expanded blood vessels will lead to increased blood flow. Once the blood flow increases, the prostate will be more comfortable.

At the same time, due to the rising temperature in summer, the muscles around the prostate will be in a diastolic state, so that the whole prostate has no pressure and becomes much more relaxed.

People should drink warm water in summer to maintain the prostate. Drinking warm boiled water and body temperature rise is the same effects. Drinking warm water can make human blood vessels in the diastolic state and, at the same time, accelerate blood supply, which can reduce the prostate's impact and prevent prostatitis.

Drinking warm water can also play a filtering role, can help the human body metabolize toxins and other metabolites, reduce the accumulation of some toxins in the body, is a very good method for patients with prostatitis.

Finally, clothes are loose in summer, and prostatitis is also related to loose clothes. Because of the cold weather, people like to wear tight clothes to keep warm, which will compress the prostate and affect blood circulation. In summer, due to the hot weather and thin clothes, the prostate pressure is also reduced, which can play a relaxing role.

In the maintenance of the prostate, pay attention to clothing. Try to avoid wearing tight clothes, especially close-fitting clothes should be loose, so as not to cause pressure on the prostate. In this case, it can play a useful role in maintaining the prostate. If we can do this, the incidence rate of prostatitis will be reduced a lot.

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