Prostatitis is now one of the major diseases affecting male health, and prostatitis is very common among men. In daily life, you may not know that men with depressed psychology can suffer from prostatitis easily. Why is that?

Due to the quickening of the rhythm of life and intense competition, the current psychology of men is generally more impatient. The increased influence of various factors such as anxiety, impatience, depression and other unhealthy psychological activities can make the human immune level declined.

Experiments have shown that people with chronically depressed emotions have lower levels of immune globules in their blood and are more likely to suffer from colds, stomach ulcers, prostatitis, and even cancer. For males with depressed psychology, they also tend to drink excessive alcohol and smoke heavily to let off steam. As you know, these bad habits can also affect the prostate health, stimulate the prostate gland and then lead to prostatitis.

How to treat prostatitis?

1. General treatment

Patients should rest in bed for 3 to 4 days, and pay attention to appropriate water drinking. They should avoid tobacco, alcohol and stimulating food. Meanwhile, they can have a hot bath or perineal hot compress, and notice to maintain defecation unobstructed, and control sexual life.

2. Antibiotics

When the patient's systemic symptoms are obvious, the body temperature is high, and the white blood cells in the blood are significantly elevated, the selected antibiotic should be administered intravenously. When the patient's systemic symptoms are not serious, the body temperature and blood level are normal, they can take oral administration. You should choose an anti-infective drug that can diffuse into the prostate gland quickly and effectively, so that symptoms of prostatitis can be quickly controlled to prevent it from being chronic prostatitis.

3. Traditional Chinese medicine

The herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a pure Chinese medicine, which can be used to effectively solve inflammation in the prostate gland, especially the chronic prostatitis. For patients, this herbal medicine doesn't lead to any side effects or drug resistance, so they can take the pill for a long period of time to completely solve their physical problems.

4. Surgery

Surgery can be used, which is actually not very common. If the acute prostatitis has formed a prostatic abscess, incision and drainage can be performed through the rectum or perineum. If the abscess is confined to the prostate gland, prostatic aspiration and purulent discharge can be performed with urethroscopy followed by broad-spectrum antibiotics.

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