Spermatorrhea is not strange to men. Most of them are normal physiological phenomena. As long as proper attention is paid to the hygiene of private places, there is no adverse effect on personal health.

But if pathological spermatorrhea means that the body's health has been damaged, the impact on the body is still relatively significant. At ordinary times, what is the cause when there is frequent spermatorrhea phenomenon?

Spermatorrhea is not a matter of shame, as long as attention to exclude its pathological factors. An expert, the deputy chief physician of the Reproductive Medicine Department of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, once said in an interview that spermatorrhea is a sign of puberty sexual maturity. Still, frequent ejaculation should be caused by many diseases, it needs treatment. If frequent ejaculation occurs, we must find out different causes, and then symptomatic treatment.

What are the causes of frequent spermatorrhea?

Masturbation addiction

Many men in adolescence will have the habit of masturbation, but because of not good at controlling the frequency of masturbation, resulting in frequent ejaculation.
Masturbation can ease their repressed sexual desire once in a while, but frequent masturbation is an abnormal phenomenon. If masturbation addiction, will make ejaculation center is pathological excitement, and this excitement will lead to frequent ejaculation at night. Try to stop masturbation, so that the next day's work and study will not be affected.

Mental stimulation

Men in the daytime contact with some publications, pay attention not to contact some yellow books. Sometimes men ejaculate too often at night because they receive too much sexual stimulation during the day. Sexual stimulation leads to people's urgent pursuit of sex.

This urgency is extremely strong and can not be controlled. It leads to a strong sense of stimulation in the central nervous system of sexual activity. This stimulation will lead to spermatorrhea in men at night. So if you read a lot of pornographic videos and novels during the day or before going to bed, it's possible to ejaculate at night.

Patients with cerebral cortex function problems can also go to the hospital's brain surgery for examination, because it may be cerebral cortex dysfunction, so there will be frequent ejaculation. Because the cerebral cortex is not fully functional, it loses control over the low-level centers. The excitability of the erectile and ejaculatory centers will be enhanced, and uncontrolled ejaculation will occur.

Inflammatory stimulation

The more common reason is that men suffer from some diseases so that they will have frequent ejaculation. Such as prostatitis, epididymitis and orchitis. These inflammations can cause erections and ejaculation of the sexual organs by stimulating them. If a man's frequent ejaculation at night may also be due to inflammation and other diseases in the body, so it can not be ignored.

So, people should go to the hospital to check more peace of mind and treat inflammation immediately. For spermatorrhea caused by prostatitis, epididymitis, or other reproductive system and urinary system disease, patients can choose natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for treatment. It works effectively and directly into the reproductive system and urinary system, to completely clear up infections. It terminates chronic pain by notably improving blood circulation and eliminate inflammation gradually.

Frequent spermatorrhea belongs to a pathological phenomenon. Patients need to go to the andrology Department of the hospital in time to avoid the aggravation of the disease and increase the difficulty of treatment.

To sum up, the causes of frequent spermatorrhea include masturbation, mental stimulation, cerebral cortex function problems and inflammatory stimulation. If masturbation factors only cause it, as long as the appropriate control of the frequency of masturbation, the clinical symptoms will be relieved.

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