If you wonder do promotional products work. yes, they do.

Whether you have to use promotional products in Vancouver Canada, or any other region of the world, first of all, you have to make it clear to yourself that how and why do promotional products work for your business. Moreover, you also need to make sure that the promotional products you are choosing must be the best fit for your business.

By the end of this article, you will get a complete idea about why do promotional products works and how better you can use them for your brand accordingly.

Importance of Promotional Products

Promotional products play a vital role in boosting your business. They do not only give exposure to your brand and draw in more potential customers but also save a lot of money which is spent on traditional advertising means.
Many pieces of research have been done on advertisements and promotional products and their impact on businesses and they showed surprising facts. According to PPAI

1. The promotional product industry consists of 40,546 companies and 489,064 industry jobs.
2. Business services, education, and financial industries are the most common buyers of promotional products.
3. Nearly 100% of consumers say they are willing to go out of their way to get a promotional product.
4. 96% of people want to know ahead of time when companies offer promotional products.
5. 80% of people have an immediate reaction when they receive a promotional product from a company they’ve never heard of.
6. 70% of brands consider promotional products mostly or always effective in achieving marketing goals.

These facts are enough to make us how important promotional products are.

Here Are 3 Main Reasons Why Promotional Products work

Low-Cost Effective marketing
Promotional products work as a marketing tool for huge as well as small businesses. To reach the maximum potential customers traditional marketing means like newspapers, billboards, or television ads demand much more investment as compared to them. Promotional products are very cheap but give good results in marketing a product. Use of your company logo on promotional products draws in the attention of customers and makes them remember your company’s name and brand.

Brand Recognition
Brand recognition implies that the customer recognizes your brand when spots it somewhere. For instance, when a fast-food lover looks at McDonald’s’ logo he instantly recognizes the brand.

When you use logoed promotional products like pens, key-chains, wallets, and hats they leave the brand’s logo in customers’ minds so the next time when they look at the logo they will naturally incline to the product and purchase it.

An experiment was done on a group of people where they were first introduced to candy as a gift. Then after some time, they all were given 5 different candies with different logos on them. 80% of the group members pick the same candy they were given earlier.

Customer loyalty
Promotional products do not only help you increase your sale but also increases customer loyalty. Most of the people who are given promotional products have been seen as inclined towards the company. It is a normal human response that if you give any gift to somebody, he will try his best to give you something in return. It’s human psychology. This very human behavior makes loyal customers.

You Must Choose Promotional Products appropriately
Hope you have got an idea of why promotional products work. But To gain the best results from them you need to consider a few things. There is no denying that promotional products work but how and where are they being used is an important question to keep in mind while using them. You should keep the target audience in mind, and select the promotional products accordingly. Besides, you must deliver your message properly through the promotional product to the audience. You should have a clear presentation of your brand in the market through your company logo.

Promotional products are used for promotional purposes in marketing usually contain the company logo. Promotional products have low relative cost, high brand exposure, and flexibility. They also create customer loyalty and brand recognition in the market. However, you must use your promotional products effectively to make the most of them.

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