Why did it go wrong by Beth Shepherd psychic.
This is a case study, names and and some details have been changed to protect identity.

Over the many years I have worked as a professional proven clairvoyant, tarot reader and psychic I have heard every variation there is of sadness, worry and loneliness. I have also noticed that quite often the client has brought it on themselves by doing or saying the wrong thing or not doing or saying the right thing. Because whatever your reading tells you free will plays a large part in relationship issues. The worst is when you love someone but they do not love you. Some women try to force men to make a life with them, knowing that man is not keen, so long as he gives them what they want - that is not love. When you love someone you want them to be happy.

Joan wanted her boyfriend Frank to be with her. But Frank was into his friends. He would have loved it to have continued with her being at home waiting for him to have sex when it suited him. Not many women would put up with this and Joan was not keen so she pushed for him to come over more, to make promises. Some might have made promises to her so that she stopped nagging but Frank did did not think it right to lie and lead her on. And he knew that if he took the easy way out now he would pay the price later when she realised it was lies and broken promises. So he insisted on being honest and kept going out with his friends despite the arguments.

Joan decides she will get pregnant. A stupid thing to do as it drives the man away not nearer. And if he figures out what she has done at the very least he goes right off of her and would never forgive her.

Frank does not figure out that she has tricked him and he decides very reluctantly to move in with her. They argue. He wants to go out and she nags him to stay home. Now that they are living together she feels she can demand things she had no right to before. This is what drives Frank away. Not her lies not the baby but her constant demands he gives out up his friends and going out. He did not cheat until then. But her nagging became too much so he found another woman who he went to see at every opportunity. This time he really wanted this other woman and felt it was love. This is the future that Joan had made for herself by insisting things change. Instead of them getting better they got worse. Shortly after Frank left Joan to be with this other woman who never demanded and he found her so exciting and sexy he never wanted to go out and see his friends. For the first time in ages he was content, really content, and if Joan had not kept nagging and forced a baby onto him none of it would have happened and he would have still been seeing his friends a lot and then visiting her as well. As it turned out Joan lost him totally. Then ended up with a new man who she was the same with. Wanting him to change, wanting him to make commitments he did not want to make, losing him as well.
Why did it go wrong by Beth Shepherd psychic.

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