Contract workers may be the staffing solution of choice for your company if you’re not ready to make permanent hiring commitments.

Even though you may have learned to do more with less in your business during economic uncertainty, there comes a point where you’ll eventually have to hire additional workers to improve productivity, promote growth, or just stay ahead of the competition…BUT what if you’re nervous when it comes to moving forward with permanent employees? Contract staffing allows you to put your toes back in the water without making the jump into hiring full force.

Studies, surveys, and reports show that temporary staffing is the hiring option that many employers choose when they decide that they want to “ease” into hiring for reasons that include things such as cutting costs on all employee-related costs, or just plain low confidence levels in the financial arena. Additionally, some businesses use temporary staffing when they need extra help on a special project or when they need to cover an employee’s position during a leave of absence.

How Contract Staffing Benefits Your Business

So, what is it about contract staffing solutions that attract companies like yours-—what are the advantages to hiring contract workers?

By using contract staffing solutions, you can bring a high-caliber worker on board quickly to decrease downtime when the goal is to increase productivity as the need arises and turn around and downsize when things slow down. A contract worker can also bring value to your company when it comes to problem-solving by offering a fresh perspective. His varied experiences and background make it easier for him to think out of the box because he doesn’t have the history with your company and its employees that get used to seeing things as status quo.

Your business may also reap other benefits from temporary staffing such as not having to worry about adding to the payroll permanently since the costs are temporary, eliminating unexpected layoff scenarios (contractors know their time is limited), and cutting down on your organization’s obligation to pay benefit, payroll tax, insurance, and other employee-related costs. Temporary staffing solutions also allow your company to find out if a contractor may be a good “permanent fit” for your business if you decide to ultimately keep him or her on board.

How Contract Staffing Benefits Workers

On the flip side, temporary staffing workers can use short-term assignments with your company to sharpen their current skills and keep up with the latest methods and techniques, enjoy flexible schedules, get a change of pace from project to project, meet and network with an almost unlimited pool of high-level talent, and more often than not, command and get higher wages for their expertise since their stay is temporary. Additionally, a contract worker is already strategically positioned in the right place—at the right time—if your company decides to offer a more permanent opportunity.

Contract Staffing: Flexibility in Hiring When You Need It

Contract staffing solutions have a place in the hiring world for companies that are unsure about making hiring commitments until they are ready. A contract workforce can be an advantage for your business because it allows you to obtain a group of talented and flexible staff that can be used when and where you need them most!

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