There is a hype and buzz going around as many organizations are beginning to dive deeper into cloud computing. What is this phenomenon? Cloud computing can be understood as the practice of using a network of remote servers which are hosted on the Internet in order to store, manage and process information/data. Organizations no longer need to incur costs of personal local servers, hardware, software, and expensive infrastructures to mine their data.

Cloud Computing allows for software programs to be available online, known as Software as a Service (SaaS). Platforms to be delivered online, known as Platform as a Service (PaaS). Similarly, when storage and other services associated with hardware are delivered online, it is referred to as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Cloud Computing has allowed organizations the access to technology that otherwise would have not been possible, thus helping them revolutionize their business and business practices.

In this article we will explore 10 ways in which cloud computing has evolved businesses.

1. Improves Collaboration

Cloud computing brings a wide array of benefits to an organization – an important one being collaboration. Now employers and employees can have access to information anytime and from any system. Cloud computing allows for seamless, real time collaboration within a workplace. It is much easier to supervise and guide employees when information is shared and discussed together.

2. Facilitates Access to Latest Technology

Most organizations cannot afford the upfront costs to proprietary software programs with single licenses. This can get very expensive and does not make much sense. A SaaS solution, pay as you go model, allows all size businesses access to technologies that were inaccessible to them. Thus, really revolutionizing the way organizations can conduct business.

3. Brings Discipline and Organization

Cloud computing helps bring discipline and organization to a company’s infrastructure. You will be able to manage data better and get rid of unwanted content and software programs that hinder productivity. It is a great way to streamline your workflows, applications and technologies. Most importantly, when everything is run on the cloud, it frees up time and energy to focus on more important things, being a lean and healthy organization.

4. Supports Mobile Accessibility

Most people use mobile phones and tablets more than they would ever use a personal computer. Cloud computing simplifies and supports mobile accessibility. It makes sharing and accessing information through mobile applications easy and efficient. Cloud computing will give you that competitive edge in the ever changing mobile environment.

5. Promotes Integrity of Information

Cloud Computing provides a platform that will help you better organize, access and manage your information. Thus it helps to enhance the data integrity. Whenever files are changed and edited, all the changes take place on the server. This helps everyone to access a single file and also track all the changes. Simply put, cloud computing enhances data integrity and maintains uniformity of information across organizations.

6. Cost Effective

This is a no brainer. Cloud computing reduces expenditure and operational costs like no other form of computing. You will no longer need to invest in costly manpower, expensive storage or expensive software systems. Cloud solutions bring you the best in technology access at a fraction of the costs. In addition, the added efficiency and tools with a Cloud will help you to drive growth and reduce costs.

7. Promotes A Greener Earth

It will align your company to it’s environmental responsibility initiatives. The digital impact of Cloud computing is that it avoids all kinds of paper and helps saves trees. You will no longer need to purchase unnecessary infrastructure that becomes obsolete with the evolving technologies. Imagine having to throw away hundreds of computers that lead to environmental damage?

8. Keeps You Current with the Latest Technology

Cloud technology ensures that you do not have to upgrade your software or your storage systems regularly. All upgrades are automated, keeping organizations up to date with newest technology capabilities. In other words, your company remains updated with all the latest in technology and you will never be redundant or outdated again.

9. Allows For Automation

Through cloud services companies can take advantage of automating many of their internal processes. Automation helps with cost savings and efficiencies. Many tasks such as HR, finance, billing, shipping, etc. can easily be automated and simplified. Freed up manpower can be trained and used for tasks that cannot be automated and can help the company’s growth. Automation is the future of successful business.

10. Revenue Growth

With all the time, money and manpower that you save, you can focus on growing your company. You can focus on your core activities that impact revenue growth. You don’t need to be burdened down with things that hinder your organizational growth, such as painful manual tasks, costly storage space, and costly software applications. Cloud computing streamlines and automates your business so that you can focus on what really matters- Growth!

Cloud Solutions Will Revolutionize Your Business

As you can see above, cloud computing provides a win-win solution to your business. More than ever before, companies are starting to take advantage of this service and revolutionize their organization. Cloud computing allows you to automate most of your critical functions and remain up to date with the latest in technology and contribute to a greener environment. Isn’t it time your company becomes lean, efficient and starts to save money? Call us if you have any questions and would like to revolutionize your business with cloud solutions.

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