Why Chewing Gum Improves your Brain Performance

Would you be interested in a sure-fire, scientifically researched, simple
strategy to Ace exams, interviews, and live-presentations?

We have taught this strategy to our school students and to many corporate executives
we train in speed reading and memory-improvement.


Back in April of 2002 we posted an article to our Blog that was read and discussed
by thousands of surfers. It was updated in December of 2008 with confirming
scientific research. The title was: “Why Chewing Gum Improves Your Brain Performance.”

To date, tens of thousands of internet viewers have read and commented on this single
article. It continues to be read and used by students to the present, December, 2011.

We receive hundreds of emails every year from students and executives who suggest
an Academy Award or starting a new religion built around “chewing-gum”.

So What

Remember back to high school, when the Lord and Master of your life was the teacher.
She/he hated chewing gum, and gave you grief if you dared enter their home room
chewing the infamous stuff. Was there a reason, other than a domineering personality?

Sure. The principal and custodian found chewing gun all over the floors and under
chairs (seats), and it was hell to remove once it hardened. Result: schools and teachers
all hate chewing gum with a vengeance.

Double So What

A new scientific research on ‘chewing-gun’ was released December 9, 2011.
Google: the journal Appetite, Dec.2011, lead author, professor Serge Onyper.
The work was done at St. Lawrence University, Canton, N.Y.

“Students who chewed gum about five (5) minutes before taking an exam did
significantly better (up to 28%), than students who did NOT chew gum before

Hold Your Horses

Back in 2002, the original research on chewing gum was conducted by scientist, professor
Andres Scholey, at the University of Northumbia, Newcastle, England. He tested 75 adults
and discovered that chewing gum before an exam could help ace tests by up to 59%

Sounds like new educators would welcome this strategy, but remember the teacher’s anthem, “Chewing gum in school is a sin, and the perpetrator goes to detention!”

Result: educators and teachers in particular, dismissed professor Scholey’s research as
nonsense and called it stubbornly-stupid. They collectively wrote articles in professional
journals and to local editorial pages, roasting the research, and opposing the fact that
Chewing-Gum offered any benefits.

How Specific Exercises Improve Your Brain Performance

Dr. Onyper said, “Any form of exercise (physical activity) will boost your brain’s activity.”
Therefore, even a dumb form of exercise like chewing like a cow, increases brain performance.

But, the professor said, “If you chew-gum DURING the exam, you create “dissonance”,
a conflict between chewing (physical) and thinking (cognition) a mental process.” Result,
you flunk, not ace the test.

Wrong Again

When both adults and children (elementary to graduate-school) sit for an examination,
their brainwaves are acting like a lightning storm. We have all experienced it. Our emotions
have hijacked our reason and logic. We feel nervous, anxious, frightened, and suffer a
bout of chronic stress.

Let’s keep it simple, you are in high-Beta brainwaves (cycles-per-second), and you are
lucky to be able to read and write the English language. You feel threatened and
in this high Beta, have difficulty remembering your surname.


Baby easy strategy, and you regain all your knowledge and long-term memory.

1. Please sit down in an unoccupied room. Place your hands on the tops of your
knees, and relax.
2. Take a deep diaphragmatic breath, and focus on your inhaling and exhaling.
Do it three times slowly and deeply relax.
3. Now close your eyes and consciously slow down your breathing. Now, Deep
Breathing and focus on your inhaling and exhaling. Do it three-times, and relax.
4. You are now in Alpha brainwaves (cycles-per-second), and deeply relaxed.
5. In Alpha brainwaves, you can think (cognition), and chew gum at the same time.

That is all there is to it, and the chewing-gum effect returns, and boosts your brain

Here’s the key point: chewing gum DURING the exam is good for your brain, as
long as you are in Alpha. Instead of having the chewing affect last for only 20-minutes,
it will continue to boost your coconut for up to 90-minutes.

Baby-Easy Physical Exercise to Learn like Einstein

Would you spend five-minutes to double your long-term memory permanently, and
help ace (double) your learning-skills?

• Please sit down, and with your eyes opened or closed, place your hands on the tops
of your knees.
• Stretch both your arms upward, using the football gesture for a Touchdown. Straight
upward like you were the goalpost. Get it?
• Do 50 repetitions of this baby-easy up and down exercise. It takes 90-seconds.
• Now do this exercise: do you know the gesture in baseball for “Safe!”?
Both arms swing outward, and then inward.
• Do 50 repetitions of the same motion the conductor of an orchestra uses with his baton. Forget why it works, and how it assists your lymphatic system clear away toxins from your blood. Please do 50 reps that take about 90-seconds.

Do this every time you feel panicky, filled with anxiety, or stressed. It lasts about three-hours.
You get energized and feel a surge of new motivation.

How do you know any of this really works?

Do your own “mind-experiment”, and you be the judge and jury about the results.
We have tested this strategy with our own students and in our corporate classes.
The results were, 98% found it useful, and would use it in the future.

Two-percent thought the exercises were moronic and dumb.

That’s it, See ya.

copyright © 2011, H. Bernard Wechsler

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