Whether you believe it or not the roof over your head is the most important part of your home. If you’re heat or a/c goes out in your home you might be uncomfortable. If your pipes get clogged you can just not use the sink. If your power goes out you might have to use a generator.

There is no alternative to a damaged roof. When your roof is in desperate repair it becomes an “emergency”. This is not a marketing tactic. Exposing your home to the elements can lead to your home being condemned. That’s an extreme scenario, but it can definitely happen.

The issue is that not all roofers are created equal. In addition it’s also extremely expensive to get your roof replaced and it’s super difficult to choose a good roofer.

We are a little biased, but we believe Castle Roofing is your best choice for roofing in the Atlanta area and we’ll explain why below.

Look at Those Reviews!!

Good reviews don’t happen by accident. We work extremely hard to make our customer happy and in return they give us positive reviews. Let’s look at a few here.

• 4.5 out of 5 on Yelp with 32 reviews
• A+ rating on the BBB
• 4.7 out of 5 on Google with 90+ reviews.

Overall our customers are thrilled.

Are these reviews legitimate? Yes.

At one point in time you could just put fake reviews on your website and visitors would think those reviews were real. This is review fraud and people know it. Not just customers, but online directories like Yelp and Google made sure to eliminate the fake reviews. Online review platforms like Google my business use real people to determine that the reviews online are supplied by actual customers that are happy, or not happy, with a businesses product or service.

The reviews you see online are REAL and we’ve earned them. We have some of the highest reviews in the Atlanta area and we’re proud of it.

We Stick to Roofing

There are many contractors out there that cut grass on Monday, they’ll fix your kitchen sink on Wednesday and they’ll replace a missing shingle on Friday. Some contractors try to be a jack of all trades. Instead of being really good at one or two things, they are just average with a bunch of different things.

I don’t know about you, but if I needed heart surgery I’d find the best heart surgeon, not the general practitioner. We use the same approach to roofing.

Our services focus on all things related to roofing. You don’t want an average “roofer” on your roof. You want a specialist to do the job. This is exactly why we’re your best option for roofing in the Atlanta area. Don’t call us for plumbing.

A different approach to Business

We know that we could make more money if we spent tons of money on marketing, flooded the market and sent sales reps all over town selling our services. However, that doesn’t seem to help you, the customer.

We keep our overhead low and utilize technology to do a lot of the heavy lifting. Without a big marketing budget, big staff, big truck and equipment allows us to be lean and to keep our prices low.

There are a lot of “roofers” out there and we know that our competitive edge is to think about our customers. We know that customers want a great product, a great service, for a great price, in a reasonable amount of time.

Our different approach to business along with low prices, expert installation and repair and great reviews means you’ll be thrilled to choose us!

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