Carmen Electra poles are not new in the market. Peekaboo and Carmen Electra has given many excellent dance poles for all the ladies out there. Carmen Electra has come up with this unique product that does not need any extra or special hardware to get it installed. All you need is to purchase this amazing dance pole for just $102.90 and you are done. Carmen Electra pole dancing kit has been improved for the convenience of the customers. This is made up of chrome steel and fits effortlessly in any part of your house. This pole dancing pole is one of the best pole dancer pole for all types of pole dancers including beginners and professionals.

This product comes with a high quality chrome steel sectional pole that is enough to install this beauty. You do not need any extra hardware to get this thing fix in your desired area. It also comes with an extender pole that is especially built for the higher ceilings. It also can be adjusted as per the height of the dancer. It has both static and spinning modes. This means that you can try all of your wonderful moves on this pole without worrying at all. You can trust CE completely and let your entire weight be carried by this dance pole.

The packaging is done in a simple way so that you can undo the package with ease. You need not put in lot of your effort to assemble the dance pole. The instruction manual is available and if you follow the instructions carefully then it will take minutes for you to set the dance pole right. It has a smooth finish from top to the bottom which helps the dancers in her moves.

There are many pole reviews of this pole dance pole on the Internet. You can check out all of them on Amazon or other vendors' websites. In general, you cannot get this amazing offer on any other products in the market! Carmen Electra pole kit is so durable that it can take up to a weight of two hundred and twenty pounds. You can use it both on a hardwood floor as well as on a carpeted floor. This is an amazing product that is suitable for all the floor types. This is by far the best product that is affordable too. Carmen Electra dance poles are not new to anyone.

Brand name: Carmen Electra Price: $102.90 from
Type: adjustable and portable
Material used: Chrome steel
Includes: Chrome steel sectional pole, extender pole for high ceilings, carry case.

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