Urethritis is now a common reproductive system disease and is not a women's patent. Men are also prone to urethritis. It is related to the physiological structure and many other factors in life. Therefore, men need to find out the causes of urethritis and control it to avoid the continued development of the disease.

Six causes are affecting urethritis in men.

1. Urinary tract obstruction

There are many reasons for urinary tract obstruction in men, such as alarm, urethral tumor, urethral stone, and other different problems. These diseases will lead to men having blocked urinary tract and cause bacterial breeding, leading to urethritis. Urethritis caused by this situation will continue to worsen. The infection will spread when men can not control the primary disease effectively, affecting multiple tissues such as the bladder or prostate.

2. Diseases of the urinary system

Urinary system disease itself will cause corresponding tissue lesions, such as inflammation of adjacent organs, spreading to the urethra. If it is more serious, it will cause urethritis. In this case, the inflammatory reaction will spread to the whole urinary system. Patients need to carry out overall treatment for local areas. If it is difficult to control the disease, they can choose the corresponding combination medication.

3. Long-term hold urine

It is a terrible habit to hold urine for a long time because it has a tremendously stimulating and corrupting effect on the urethra. If the urine is not discharged when the urine is produced, it is easy to affect the regular operation of the urethra and cause urethritis. The inflammation caused by long-term urine holding is generally not severe early, and the symptoms are not obvious. Still, it is likely to cause ascending infection after gradual development, leading to cystitis or prostatitis.

4. Health issues

Suppose you do not pay attention to hygiene for a long time and do not do a good job in local cleaning. In that case, it may also lead to infectious diseases because the environment of male genital parts is easy to breed bacteria, and most microorganisms or pathogens will directly affect the urethra. If the cleaning work is not done well, many bacteria will produce and cause infection symptoms.

5. Bad habits

Men tend to maintain various bad habits, such as spicy and stimulating eating habits, smoking, and drinking. These habits will have different stimuli and effects on the body. Smoking and drinking are typical bad habits. Long-term maintenance will lead to the decline of cellular immunity of genital parts, which is more vulnerable to external bacterial infection. Moreover, these bad habits themselves will also cause some tissue inflammation. When the body's tolerance decreases, various corresponding diseases will appear.

6. Mechanical stimulation

Mechanical stimulation is a common cause of urethritis in clinical treatment. Mechanical stimulation is mainly the problem of indwelling a catheter or mechanical examination of the urethra in clinical practice. It will cause inflammation after directly stimulating the mucosa and cells inside the urethra. However, this inflammatory reaction is not strong and can be effectively relieved after a period of rest.

Urethritis in men is also a severe problem because it will continue to develop and affect surrounding tissues and cells. So it still needs to be treated early. Male urethritis can be treated with antibiotics. The commonly used drugs include cephalosporin antibiotics, macrolide antibiotics, etc.

Clearing pathogens is the key to treating urethritis, which is mainly treated with antibiotics. People choose medication is generally based on experience before the type of pathogen is not clear. After the pathogen is apparent, targeted medicines can be used.
For some patients with drug resistance, a natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is wise. It will not develop drug resistance and will not bring any side effects to the body. Most importantly, long-term use can improve the body's immunity and reduce the recurrence rate of the disease.

The daily care of male urethritis is also critical. Drinking more boiled water can alleviate the disease. Drinking more boiled water can dilute the concentration of urine, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses and help the condition. However, drinking more boiled water can not fully achieve the purpose of rehabilitation. Patients need to take drug treatment to achieve the effect of complete restoration.

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