Business PBX greatly increases flexibility of business

The business PBX phone service gives an edge to your business over the others in market. You can move your phone sets while keeping the phone number and features intact. Hosted PBX phone systems set to the hosting company’s location but you can still use it as if it were in your primary location. Whenever new feature are available they are added to your phone automatically by the service provider. It offers more flexibility than traditional telephone systems. It comes loaded with advanced calling features that take your business communication level a step ahead. It is more flexible than any other phone system because adding new locations or new users to the system is quite easy.

Business PBX Reliability continues to improve the way business communication is done

Business PBX has now become a reliable communication solution. Distributing call processing functions across the network eliminates every single point of failure. Choppy calls, once the biggest complaint among users, have now been eradicated thanks to newer technology and better networks. With hosted PBX only IP phone and internet connection is needed.

Key Advantages of Hosted PBX VoIP

 Effective call handling without any hassles.

 Increased productivity and customer services made better and stronger.

 More features at half the price than the traditional PBX phone system.

 No hassles if the office is relocated or there are many offices of the organization.

PBX Phone Features await you
 Auto-attendant
 Call forwarding
 Call parking
 Call queuing
 Call transfer
 Call waiting
 Voicemail
 Fax to email
 Extension Dialing
 Speed dialing
 Music on hold
 Unified communication

Types of Business PBX phone installation

1. On-Premise PBX Installation:

You can manage PBX phone system on your own location. The telecommunications hardware and the software is placed at office site.

2. Hosted PBX Installation:

Here you can lease the Services from hosted PBX providers.

On-Premise based telephony solution requires additional equipment and dedicated servers with reliable battery backup systems. The company using on-premise PBX phone would be required to invest extra.
Any problems in the system can be fixed quickly and easily without requiring an onsite visit from a technician. With a Premises PBX phone installation, the problems are all your responsibility.

VoIP PBX-Latest Advancement in Communication Technology
It has been said that Voice over IP is here to stay. A VoIP phone system is easily updated to the latest software version at generally no expense. This ensures that your company’s phone system is always up to date with the newest technology available at present. This keeps you a step ahead of your competition in market. Customized business processes has already happened significantly reducing ongoing maintenance and development costs.

In hosted business PBX phone solutions the hosting company monitors the phone system 24×7. With a Hosted PBX phone system, there will be no maintenance issues. If any issues regarding the business phone system occur, it can be quickly and efficiently addressed by the services provider because the majority of equipment is located at his site. One major advantage of hosted business PBX is that if any problems are encountered in it then they can be immediately resolved remotely.

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