Why being single is better by Rosemary Price psychic. I wonder how many of the people who are in a settled relationship wish they were single, or at least wish they could give it a try to see if they prefer it? Then you have many people who are on their own and believe that they would be a lot happier if they could find someone. Most days I receive emails from new clients who tell me that they miserable, unloved, bored, depressed, sad, desperate to find a partner, asking me to look in the crystal and tarot cards to see what fate has in store for them relationship wise. The strange thing is that many of them have busy, full and interesting lives yet they rarely stop to think that maybe, in their case, this is as good as it gets, and if they were in a relationship it would be no better and could be worse.

After all, I, Rosemary Price psychic, also get a lot of mails from new clients who are very unhappy with their partner. Some of them are victims of abuse, some are literally prisoners in their own home, some have no friends, some have a partner who barely communicates, lies to them, steals from them, beats them up and shows them no love or respect whatsoever. There is no guarantee that if a single person were to switch from single to spoken for that it would be better because all of that would depend very much on who they choose, why they choose them and how emotionally mature and intelligent they are.

In an ideal World we would all be single or have a partner according to how we believe our lives should be. But our lives now are often dictated by the mistakes or decisions we made in the past. And the best predictor of future behaviour with anyone is to see what they did or did not do in the past. People who have made a lot of errors of judgment in the past will continue to. If they have a record of choosing bad boys or irresponsible immature boys they tend to continue in the same way. So they may have got over one failed relationship, become single, and then latch onto another bad person who will also make them unhappy or use them and then toss them aside. Yet the way they see it is that they have been unlucky and have suffered and are now desperate to move on. It is very rare that they see that they embraced the last person who made them unhappy - perhaps years ago- and may well do the same again.

Being single has so many good things going for it. You can choose what you do and when you do it. You can choose who you see and when you see them. You can spend as much time as you want with family or friends or simply in a state of peace alone. You can be a workaholic and work long hours without someone complaining. You can choose the lifestyle that suits you. That might mean you want something different to the norm or it might mean you want something different to what you have had before.
In some cases it might mean changing your career or working unsocial hours without someone moaning that you now earn less or come in later after work.

As a single person you are not answerable to anyone. You are able to decide everything for yourself. But the downside to that is you now do not have someone who buffers you, who you can blame when things do not go well.

Some women are very good at blaming their man for everything that happens to them. It is his fault if the washing machine broke down and did not get repaired quickly enough because of..... It is his fault that they got ratty and depressed and found it hard to concentrate for a few days.... It is his fault that the children were misbehaving and playing up and being difficult... When you are on your own it is all you - you get the benefits and you get the pains and you cannot blame anyone else for them.

One of the things I love about being single is that if I want to decorate my house I just arrange it. It is up to me what styles and colours. I have a lovely mixture of Turkish, Chinese and Indian furniture and trimmings and do not have to ask permission to have my choices. A person on their own can decide to get a pet without all of the usual hassles of asking permission and needing to persuade them or accept it when they say no. If I am very busy for a few days and do not bother to tidy up for a bit, so what, it is nobody else's business. If I want to be alone with no visitors that is my choice. I don't have a partner who is coming and going and bring people in when I would prefer peace and quiet.

Then there are the little things such as when I want to sit and watch one of my favourite films I just do it.
Nobody moans that they do not like that film or they would rather watch the other side or starts talking and distracting me.

And something which is equally important. As I live alone people understand it is my house. When I was married for a few years - even though it was me that had worked hard to buy the house we lived in - people assumed that my husband had bought it and it was his. As though they assumed that men work harder and earn more than women. If we had workmen come over to do repairs or decorating they would try to insist on talking to him and sorting it out with him. Which is very annoying when it is you that has paid for everything and you that owns it.

Yes there are downsides to being on your own, there are pros and cons to everything. But if you have a good family life and some caring friends that soon pales into insignificance. The thing is that you would need to work at those relationships and not take any of those people for granted.

As a married person or a person with a partner you can feel trapped. You can feel that you are miserable and bored yet cannot escape because of various problems. But as a single person it is easier to decide that you no longer want that life and will make an active effort to find someone to share your life with. You have more freedom of choice and it is easier to follow through with your desires.

If you are single and you are fed up, wanting to find a partner do remember that finding someone is not necessarily going to be the answer to everything that you hate about your life. And there is no guarantee it will be better. The best way to make sure that it turns out better is to get a numerology chart drawn of comparing your chart with the potential partner's. Make sure you are compatible, make sure that they have similar attitudes to the things that matter,make sure that you know their strengths and weaknesses and they suit you. Because falling in love with or becoming infatuated with a person who is not right for you or messes you around is far worse than being single. http://www.webclairvoyant.com Rosemary Price psychic

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