The United States is a wonderful place with a huge range of places to explore, enjoy, and spend time in. Many of the world’s top cities and attractions can be found here, and many people from around the world flock to the United States every year on either vacation or for business. This includes many people who are citizens of Australia.

Of course, regulations and rules have become far more stringent over recent year because of the rising terror threats facing the United States. This is why those travelling from Australia to the United States need to make sure that they have the right documents in place in order to gain entry to the country. This is not just for those who are heading to the United States but also those who are passing through.

What is the ESTA Visa for?

As a citizen of Australia, you are part of the Visa Waiver Scheme along with a number of other countries such as the United Kingdom and Canada. However, this does not mean that you do not need any documentation at all. The ESTA USA document is basically to confirm that you are from one of the countries that are part of this waiver program, so it is crucial that you apply for and have this document ready for when you travel.

What happens if you do not have the document?

If you are an Australian citizen but you do not have a valid ESTA document, you may be refused travel or entry into the United States. This is why it is important to make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get the document through but the whole process is very fast and simple so it won’t take much time. You do need to ensure that you apply at least three days before you depart but obviously it is better to make your application as early on as you can in order to be on the safe side. You can then get on with planning the rest of your trip

When you make your application, you can do it all online and within a short space of time. You will need to have some basic details to hand such as your passport information, employer information, and the address you will be staying at in the United States. You will also have to answer some basic questions about yourself when you make the application.

Once your confirmation comes through, you should make sure you print off the document and keep it safe with your passport so that it is ready for customs staff to view. Once you have made your application and received the document, you won’t have to make another application for two years unless there are major changes to your circumstances such as a name or gender change. In addition, if you have to get another passport you will also have to make another application. However, in most other situations you can continue using the same document until the expiry date.

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