Art IVF courses are gaining popularity. This is because infertility in India, and around the world, is on the rise. A recent study has shown that almost 10 to 15 percent of Indian couples face infertility issues – that is around 27.5 million couples! Art IVF is a ray of hope for such individuals and that’s the reason why the demand for well-trained embryologists has shot up in the last few years.

Filling A Gap

There is? a significant gulf between Art IVF results in the western world and in India. A study in 2005 showed that out of all Art IVF procedures in the western world, only 5% resulted in miscarriages whereas in India it was more than 40%. Though this gap would have closed considerably over the years, the fact that it exists reflects the need for skilled embryologists.

Unregistered Clinics

This is another problem with the IVF scene in India – there are a number of unregulated operators across the country. A recent study showed that only 20% of the ART clinics across India are registered with the ICMR. This alarming given that the first step in providing quality care is registration. Most of these unregistered centers operate in a grey space with unprofessional embryologists.

A Boost From The Government

To solve this problem, the Union Cabinet, in Feb, approved the bill regularizing clinics that provide in-vitro fertilization (IVF), artificial insemination and surrogacy, and other assisted reproductive related services. This new bill, which has been called the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Regulation Bill, 2020, will regulate ART clinics and will help provide quality and ethical procedures to infertile couples in India. This bill will create even more demand for ART IVF courses. Clinics will require trained embryologists who have been certified to carry out procedures.

An Overview Of ART IVF Courses In India

There are a number of ART IVF courses you can choose from in India. These days you can even book these courses online and learn via videos, online lectures, and live sessions. After these online sessions, there will be a test and you will even be provided with a certificate post-completion.

There are also several on-site and hands-on training programs. You can even go for fellowship programs that can last up to 3 months long. These ART IVF courses usually have live observations and practicals, along with hands-on training in all aspects of ART procedures like ovum pick up, complete guidance for -lab setup selection, protocol, and complete USG exposure.

Where Can I Good ART IVF Courses

There are several online medical training portals that offer holistic ART IVF courses. The Medical Learning Hub, or MLH, is one such platform. It has training programs & courses on several different specialties. You should find basic, advanced, and fellowship-level ART IVF courses on MLH. They have expert faculty members that add even more value to their courses. A number of their courses also help you earn CME credit, making it a win-win for you!
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