You must know a friend, relative, colleague, or neighbor whose relationship ended up in a nasty breakup or divorce. The fault, as we commonly see, is in their choice of men.
But is it fair to blame mankind if the options women have are limited? You don't think twice about grabbing the last shampoo bottle off the rack when you need it most, do you? Beggars can't be choosers but do women need to be this desperate for "bad guys"?

Let's see what science has to say about it.
The Laws of Attraction Between Men and Women
So we've always wondered why bad men lure intelligent, educated, attractive and confident women. Here's the scientific explanation for it.

Ovulation is to blame. This is not another rant about hormones; it's legit. Medical science dictates that women in their ovulation stage are under the influence of hormones that makes them fall for confident men. You're thinking about how that relates to men who fall in the category of bad boys? Let us explain.

Bad boys are called bad primarily for their nonchalance and lack of scruples. They're ready to try a hard drug, over-speed, drink beyond a decent limit, take on adventure sports, and pick fights anywhere and everywhere. While all such habits are characteristically immoral, illegal, or unhealthy, they exhibit remarkable self-confidence.

Such men are willing to take risks. They're open to new possibilities and don't hide in a safe comfort zone. They don't shy from failure, and more than anything, they're comfortable in their skin. If they put this mindset to productive practices, they might get far because it's the winners' attitude. And this is what attracts women. In them, females see an adult man, a risk-taker, capable of making and standing by his decisions, not a man child. And with ovulating and fertility at their peak, women don't want more than one parenting prospect on their hands.

It's an inner instinct in women to see a strong male figure in such men, capable of fathering her children. That's primarily why they're keen on choosing bad boys over safe choices because the latter are too timid or prone to err on the side of boredom than caution. Women want someone who can treat them like a lady while being ready to toughen up when the situation calls for it. Gentlemen who are all too gentle are not always winners.

Hybristophilia: Women Falling For Serial Killers
There's no surprise that the recent tapes of Ted Bundy on Netflix reaped large favors from women. People, especially women, find him physically attractive, and there's no doubt about that. This abnormal and irrational attraction to criminals has led to the coinage of the term hybristophilia. Jeffrey Ian Ross describes it as sexual attraction to someone who has committed outrageous crimes. As a Ph.D. and criminologist, his statement holds immense value when assessing why the Netflix docuseries enjoyed such a vast female following.

This condition is also used to explain the marriage of Carole Ann Boone to Ted Bundy, and the frequent letters addressed to Bundy and other killers on death row such as Charles Manson, Richard Ramirez, and Jeffrey Dahmer. Ph.D. and professor of forensic psychology Louis Schlesinger also confirmed that female staff, lawyers, wardens, and therapists having access to the penitentiary often got involved with the male inmates. And Bundy wasn't excluded from such rumors!

The Allegory of Eden and The Original Sin

Like the serpent in the Garden of Eden that's often allegorized in Christian mythology, evil doesn't come in evil forms. It comes in the form of temptations, seductions, and seeming rewards that deter you from the divine path and lure you into evil or immoral act. Exhibit A: the original sin. Call it a sin or not; it explains why humans have a weakness for all things bad or evil. And women falling for bad boys is a contemporary example of that!

There's an aspect of intrigue in breaking the rules, going against conventions, and taking big risks. It's an attempt at seducing the Alpha male, who is as much a law-breaker and risk-taker, women are being by getting into a relationship with them. The positive attributes such as fearlessness and courage are only a silver lining, but women delude themselves to consider it the man's whole personality.

They're quick to assume that the ugly, nasty, murderous bad-ness doesn't exist. And as the myth of Adam and Eve taught us, it always ends badly for them. It's important to keep in mind that pursuing bad boys is like giving in to an evil that's trying to control, overpower, and manipulate you. It ultimately takes away your agency to act or think until you're a puppet in their hands.

A Relationship of Convenience

Professor Ross has explained how women sustain their relationships with such men and why they prefer them over conventional partners. He said that since women only see their partners in the prison, they know their whereabouts. There's a higher degree of trust because they can go to sleep knowing their men aren't cheating on them with other women.

The rare occasions when they meet—which are far less than daily meetings—also keeps the relationship low-maintenance and convenient. They don't suffer heartbreak or disappointments over common causes of fights between other couples such as missing birthdays, anniversaries, forgetting dinner plans, or the endless troubles of living together.

Overall, it's a relationship of convenience, which makes it even more titillating to give in to the temptation. It's the harmlessness of engaging with harmful men that makes dating bad boys a viable prospect for women. And that's where the trouble begins.

Where All Evil Leads

This brings us to the conclusion where all loose ends tie. Everything, good or bad that happens in this world happens for a reason. There's a higher power that's channeling good and evil energies into the world, to dictate our paths, and planning our futures. Like the serpent from Eden is symbolic of sin and Hell, the evil links back to the extraterrestrial enemy that's continuously at work to destroy us.

It's the aliens' way of insinuating evil practices and leading humankind to its doom. The evil in bad boys is a manifestation of the malicious agendas that the extraterrestrials hold. Every time we let evil win over good, we're further distracted from the divine path and lead to destruction.

And that's why we need to seek the Creator's guidance in moments of distress, confusion, and disappointment with the sorrows of this world and one another.

To begin your journey towards the divine truth, ask the Creator a question. If you still feel vulnerable or under attack by evil forces, consult Karl Mollison for divine healing services to resist temptation.

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