Nowadays, it is extremely commonplace for the majority of Singaporeans to seek beauty procedures. Once avoided and regularly discussed about in strict privacy, there are now young women dedicating full blogs or FB to covering their nose jobs. Nevertheless, aesthetic procedures will still have their detractors. Concurrently, improvements in aesthetics and procedures in scientific beauty resulted in to the rise of something that came to be known as 15 min treatments,  where a female are allowed to finish a medical aesthetic treatment to boost or upkeep how they look, and still can go back to work. Many aesthetic clinics in Singapore, one of which is Veritas Clinic, provide a whole array of impressive aesthetic treatments such as active acne treatments. The globalised commodity of convenience has clearly descended upon the medical aesthetic treatments industry - and women are savouring every inch of it.


PICO lasers are recently counted as among the most popular aesthetic searches on the internet. It is not uncommon to see pico lasers used in the removal of tattoos and other manifestations of pigmentation, but the versatility of picolasers have also seen utility in some different classes of treatments, take for example, skin tightening.

Those who have pigmentation are perfect candidates for pico laser treatments.

Picolasers operate by smashing the pigment or tattoo collections in the skin layers into smaller fragments with powerful shots of focussed laser energy. The broken fragments of the pigments are then taken away naturally by the body’s immune system, effectively removing the collection of pigments. The power and intensity of the picosecond laser makes it a controlled treatment only recognised doctors can carry out within Singapore. The wide range of the customisations on various types of pico laser machines also signify that differing wavelengths, power and durations can be planned for the desired results bespoke for the person. Picolasers procedures are known for being convenient, lunch-hour treatments and only requires approx. 30 to 60 minutes. Slight redness may be seen at the location of the procedure and can linger for a few hours. Pico laser treatments will be costing you around $350, but fluctuations may be seen as various clinics may run their individual rates. Picolasers have been said to be wonderful for melasma removal treatments even though melisma is a notoriously hard condition to treat!

Remove Pigmentation in Singapore

Pigmentation on the skin is a prevalent symptom when you may notice darker patches owing to clusters of pigment cells within the skin layer. Contact with UV rays from sunlight might worsen the already existent condition or lead to even greater masses of these clusters to grow. Due to this, it should come as no surprise that the most common places vulnerable to develop pigmentation is the face, forehead, cheeks and nose. The main difficulty in dealing with pigmentation conditions hinges on the identification process. It takes a licensed medical practitioner or doctor to accurately tell the trigger to the condition and figure out the effective treatment for suitable pigmentation elimination Different underlying causes must also be considered, apart from exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Hormonal imbalances, for example, may trigger melasma. Pigmentation may also develop after swelling stemming from causes like insect bites, eczema or chicken pox. These types of pigmentation are referred to dermatologists as PIH.

With regards to optimal pigmentation treatment, the medical practitioner must firstly correctly ascertain the condition of the pigmentation manifestation ahead of applying the correct procedure. Blindly treating pigmentation conditions is asking for failure. It occurs more than you would think, but it is easy for pigmentation types to be confused with other symptoms another kind of pigmentation because of the alikeness in appearance between certain types of pigmentation symptoms. There have even been a number of events of the pigmentation condition deteriorating from receiving of the misdiagnose treatment protocol. Procedures and care for pigmentation removal mostly are a mix of the following forms of treatment and as a general guide, price tags are detailed as follows: Ultraviolet Block Cost: $60-120, Lasers Cost: $240-$990, Chemical Applications Cost: $500 and up, Applied Creams Cost: $60-$200.

Remove Acne Scars

One stretch of skin may even show several contrasting kinds of scarring, and each individual type has a specialised treatment method. Quite literally terminology to refer to a situation that affects a humongous number of the worldwide population, acne blemishes are persistent points of where the skin dips or may appear as raised scarred areas in the skin, caused post acne. Moreover, the challenge of factors weighed during the extraction protocols is increased because each and every patient's skin shows special attributes that might probably change the desired effect of the procedure. To properly rid acne scars, the skin doctor has got to initially assess the situation, whilst accounting the form in which the acne reveals on your skin. This is important since numerous types of acne will disturb the differing acne blemishes of varying types can develop. One area of skin might even show a number of differing kinds of scarring, and whichever respective type has a different handling protocol.


It might be tempting to believe there to be a flawless panacea that might possibly completely remove all acne scar, but sadly, a treatment like this has not been produced yet. The proper way to resolve acne scars is for the medical practitioner to, for a start, identify the variations of scars the person has before designing a bespoke combination treatment method. If you have been looking to resolve acne blemishes for a long time, we propose that you call several preferred aesthetic clinics or hospitals doctors to gain a better grasp what is recommended to resolve your optimal outcomes before starting treatment. These comprise of laser-based procedures, punch excision & skin grafting, as well as topical fillers.


Acne blemishes are absolutely hard to eradicate fully, so aren't expecting them to come economical! Be prepared to compensate around $3,400 and more for a complete combination strategy for acne scarring healing treatment. a bill over $6200 in Singapore.

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