It’s called voluntary chemical suicide!
Something is terribly wrong in a society where the children are all physically and mentally sick. Undoubtedly, our children are the future wouldn’t you agree? Our responsibility as parents is to do all we can to protect their health. Empower them to lead happy, productive, and meaningful lives. The reality is the patterns of disease in children have changed dramatically in the past century. Our children are sick and suffering because of the toxic chemicals they eat, bathe in, and breath! Currently there are over 75,000 toxic chemicals in use today. Most have never been tested for safety where our children are concerned. Yet, they are allowed within children’s foods and products. Pesticides are particularly harmful to a child’s developing brain. Clinical studies reveal pesticides absolutely lower a child’s intelligence and are strongly linked to childhood cancers. Pesticides are meant to destroy an insects nervous system. Just what do you think pesticides are doing to your children?
The answer to the epidemic of sickness has been in plain sight all along. The proverbial elephant in the room. The reason for the rampant sickness can be found in every American’s food pantry. It is time parents know the real truth about the harmful chemicals in foods. And start protecting the greatest hope we have for a peaceful and healthy future. It is said our children make up 20% of the population and 100% of our future. What will the future hold for the children of this world? It is decision time. Time to choose health over suffering. The children of today are on toxic overload facing epidemic levels of physical and mental illness. We have got to stop this madness. To stop being so accepting of illness within our children on any level. When did it become main stream thought to think disease is inevitable?

The increased incidence of childhood cancers alone is the first clue something is going terribly wrong. Cancer is only second to injuries sustained as the leading killer of children in the United States. Brain cancer in our children has increased by nearly 40%. Asthma rates, the leading cause of childhood admissions to hospitals, has doubled in occurrence. Developmental and learning disabilities are overwhelming our school systems. The diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders has jumped 400% in the last 20 years. I haven’t even begun to mentioned the epidemic levels of diabetes, depression and obesity in children. It never ceases to amaze me regarding the lack of mass media coverage the epidemic our children are facing gets. The health of our children is the greatest issue facing our world and no one is covering it.

The toxic tipping point becomes evident when your child’s body is unable to detox out the toxins and disease becomes his reality. The foundation for all disease states is toxic overload and malnutrition. Infants and children are especially vulnerable to toxic chemicals because they tend to absorb them faster and have greater difficulty eliminating them. A child’s liver and kidneys are immature and can’t excrete toxins as efficiently as adults. Their bodies store the toxic compounds and over time the accumulation becomes more than a child’s small body can manage. This build up of poisons slowly diminishes their overall health; physically and mentally. One toxic chemical stored within a child’s body would be bad enough but we are talking about a chemical soup of hundreds of toxic chemicals. If not thousands.

Parents have a false illusion that just because a product is on the market it is safe to eat or use on their children. Parents have been sold a deception of great magnitude. Just because a product has been set out on the shelve for you to buy doesn’t mean it is safe for your children. Take artificial colors for example they are made from petroleum. Cheese flavored foods get their great taste from Monosodium Glutamate(MSG). When was the last time you attempted to read the ingredient list on any label? Don’t get me started on the artificial sweetener, Aspartame. Which by the way, damaged the health of every lab animal who consumed it. Wake from your slumber and begin to think for yourselves. To choose health over suffering for their children’s sake. For that matter, the world’s sake.

Parents begun to question why your children so sick; physically and mentally? Begin to connect the dots seeing through the veil of sickness and deception. Be come inspired to want more health not settling for the epidemic of sickness. Stop buying into the lunacy of chemical dead foods and a pill for every aliment. Start educating yourselves regarding the dangers of chemically processed foods and personal care products. Overtime, your food deciphering skills will grow and you will be able to tell the difference between truth and deception. And the best part once you stop the influx of toxic chemicals your child’s behavior will almost immediately change for the better.

All that is required of our food supply to continue in this manner is your compliance and complete acceptance. It is time parents started doing their homework and digging for the hidden information. Then, start voting with their hard earned incomes. Believe me the minute food manufacturing companies figure out you are not willing to buy their chemical concoctions they will start providing the healthy food you are demanding or go out of business. You know the old adage money talks. It is time we start speaking up with your wallet.

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Patricia is a researcher and author of Toxic Food, Toxic Child. Practicing as a Holistic Nurse she specializes in Toxin Avoidance programs primarily directed towards children. Patricia's unique ability to convey natural health information in simple yet practical terms offering solutions to parents struggling with children effected by damaging toxic chemicals. Patricia feels the health of our children is the single most urgent issue facing the world. She is available for speaking engagements focusing on children’s health issues. Patricia is a dynamic speaker with an innate ability to connect with her crowd. You can reach Patricia Davis, RN via email: or through her blog site. This article maybe utilized for free with inclusion of this author’s Bio and website link.