Who is Sarah Palin & What is Her Purpose?
By, Kathi Calahan

She was the first woman to be nominated Vice President by the Republican Party for the 2008 election and is soon to be the ex-Governor of Alaska. Astrology shows she was destined for worldwide recognition.

Let’s look at what an Aquarian’s life purpose is, and specifically, that of Sarah Palin. Aquarians’ are known to be on the cutting edge of all things new. They often work in careers that are unusual in some way, especially to gender. To them, tradition is worth striving for, but in new and unique ways.

Born February 11, 1964, this Aquarian continues to live a life of many unusual or unique events. Here are her astrological influences, based on her date of birth. By the way, the reason these influences are so important is because they show the blueprint of the lessons a soul was born to learn.

Sun: Aquarius
Moon: Capricorn
Mercury: Aquarius
Venus: Aries
Mars: Aquarius
Jupiter: Aries
Saturn: Aquarius
Uranus: Virgo
Neptune: Scorpio
Pluto: Virgo

SUN AQUARIUS: She was born to see the world as one and to unite people for the good of all. Sarah Palin is independent, brilliant and cares very much about social issues. She’ll work hard through her input into organizations, rather than as a lone wolf. She teaches new ideas and while she would love to be liked by everyone, her “cause” for others is even more important than her likability. Interesting, since in 1983 she won the Miss Congeniality award during the Miss Alaska pageant.

MOON CAPRICORN: Fortunately Sarah has an earthy Moon in Capricorn which makes her personality much more down to earth than the typical quirky Aquarian. Aquarians have a reputation of being a little “Pie in the Sky” quirky with tons of ideas but no practical application. Not so with Sarah Palin because she puts a lot of emotional energy behind her goals of achievement. In fact, when most people would be tired and worn out, she finds the energy from deep within to keep going. Her emotion may be anything from anger to integrity, but like the Energizer Bunny, she keeps going and going until she reaches her current goal. Because of her Aquarian energy, show knows when to stop an unproductive direction and switch gears, all the while keeping her direction on achievement & success.

MERCURY AQUARIUS: A bit of a psychologist, she’s excellent at finding what motivates others and using it for the betterment of the masses. She really is destined to use her mind and thinking to make important changes for the world. Had she been born a Gemini, I would have said she was supposed to help those in her immediate community. But with Mercury in Aquarius, her impact will be worldwide. She sees things as they “should” be and that motivates her to set goals.

VENUS ARIES: It’s her ideas and her concern for action that causes Sarah Palin to push and motivate and cheerlead people into action. This part of her personality is another bonus to make it possible for her to take a goal out of the idea stage and into the action that is required. If you want to know if she’s telling the truth, watch her eyes. They speak volumes. She’s probably not a very good poker player because her face reads like a book. With her, she lives the belief that what you see is what you get.

MARS AQUARIUS: Sarah Palin is a steel fist in a velvet glove. She’s great at shmoozing, pushing, insisting and fighting for what she believes, all with a friendly smile on her face. People like her. They don’t see her as a threat to their security, unless they dislike change. Wherever she goes, she’ll bring change. Her anger stems from injustice to the downtrodden as well as toward those who cannot see the rightness of her change-driven ideas. She presents (pushes) her ideas in a public way and becomes impatient with those who do not catch on right away. She’s no dummy and has no respect for those who are too slow to change.

JUPITER ARIES: She is single-minded in her educational goals. She knows what will best serve her ideals and, information junkie that she is, focuses almost exclusively on whatever her current needs for knowledge require. This is a woman with laser-like abilities when it comes to higher thoughts. She has an inborn knack for interstate and international commerce and we may find her looking for energy solutions in the thermodynamics (heat/energy) field. You can expect her to write an autobiography, as this is part of her Soul’s blueprint.

NEPTUNE SCORPIO: Palin came into this life with a finely tuned intuition, especially as it pertains to healing. Whether it’s the healing of a nation or a member of her family, she has a surprising amount of psychic ability. She can walk into a room and “pick up” the vibes just as easily as breathing. With this astrological combination she needs to use caution in several areas. One, is the propensity to become addicted, whether it is alcohol, drugs or religion. The other is that she could be so wide open psychically that she becomes exhausted by absorbing other people’s negative energy. She would do well to learn how to empty, through meditation, the polluted junk she picks up from others.

PLUTO VIRGO: With this combination it would not surprise me at all if Sarah Palin were to one day have an epitaph that read, “I demolished the non useful and rebuilt upon the ashes with systems that do work. I made the health care system more efficient and I worked tirelessly every day of my life to not just destroy, but to rebuild.” She will find at some time during her life that her day to day work habits will dissolve, only to be replaced by ones that are more efficient, more true to course with her goals and more helpful to others. She may have a limited view of power and all that implies. She learned this lesson in 1996 when she was considering the use of her Mayoral powers to remove certain books from the library which she religiously found offensive. It didn’t happen.

Astrology is an interesting tool that discloses the blueprint of your soul. Because of free will, your personality can follow it’s goals or ignore them. But keep in mind, you chose your lessons as well as your gifts. It’s entirely up to you as to whether you want to make the most of them. I hope you will.

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Professional Astrologer and Psychic, Kathi Calahan teaches others how to make the most of their God-given talents. She specializes in all matters of the heart and encourages couples in trouble to do everything possible to save the relationship before giving up. She can be reached for personal reading by phone or email at http://www.americanlovepsychic.com/index_files/LoveAstrologyHoroscopes.htm