A man, along with his son, was walking back home from the funeral of his wife. Though the two were not crying, the pain in their eyes looked inconsolable. Through the mist in his eyes, the man looks up in the sky and nods as though talking to someone up above. He then lifts his 8-year-old son up in the arms as they cut across a farm with a scarecrow standing tall.

The man wipes tears off his son’s eyes and says comfortingly, “your mom is up there keeping an eye on us.” The man restrains his shriek, and continues, “we will meet her again up in the heavens. She can’t leave us forever, can she?” The boy shakes his head in agreement, “she’s in God’s company up there, and I am sure she won’t let God do anything unpleasant to us now,” the boy reciprocates in order to cheer his dad up.

The very next moment the two hear a gunshot, and turn their gaze around in amazement. They see a fat man with an air-gun in his hand. He appears to be feeling smug looking at the bird he just killed. The little boy, looking disturbed at the sight of a dead bird shifts his gaze to his father and asks skeptically, “does God really exist?”

The man remains silent.

The boy adds, “I doubt. If he did, He would have either not created this bird, or not created that fat man.” The fat man picks up the bird and starts walking away. The man and his son start walking their way. The boy keeps looking back at the fading back of the fat man and also at the tall scarecrow. The boy adds, “you know dad, I think God is like a scarecrow.”

“What do you mean?” The man finally breaks his silence.

“I think our ancestors were very smart chaps. They could foresee that human race will destroy the world sooner than later if they are not given something to fear of. The only way they thought they could deter their successors from killing each other in bid to satisfy their ego was by introducing Moral Police called God. We are like birds who are scared of scarecrow. Had our ancestors not erected the scarecrow called God, we won’t be in existence. The world would have ended million years ago,” says the boy.

The man displays a grin and says,” I don’t totally
disagree with you, but there is much more to the concept of God.

“The boy asks, “like what?”

“With God comes hope. Whether you are a theist or an atheist, you just cannot live without hope. There are two types of Hopes. The Hope of better future if your present is mired. The Hope of continuity if you are leading a good life.”

“Does not Science give us hope?” asks the son.

“Science gives us both hope and logic. What Science does not give us is faith and conviction in our own hope,” replies father.

The little boy looks clued up, “what is that supposed to mean?” asks the boy.

“We all put in efforts plus some kind of logic and calculation into whatever we set out to do; do we all taste the same success?” asks the man.

The boy shakes his head.

“It’s the extra-ordinary faith in one’s extraordinary efforts and hope that sets extra-ordinary men apart from ordinary. Anything/anyone who works as scarecrow, and gives you hope and the faith to achieve unexpected, or improbable is God,” the man continues.

“So you mean God equals to morals plus hope plus faith?” asks the son.

“Exactly. God does not mean an idol. God does not mean worship. God does not mean a temple, church, or a mosque,” says the father.

The boy nods in agreement. A dead silence falls. They keep walking. After a while the boy asks, “will we ever get to meet mom again?”

The man looks puzzled. He takes time to respond,
“according to science, we won’t ever get to meet her again.”

“But I am sure I’ll meet her again. Do you think she can live without seeing me for long?”

The father shakes his head. A smile springs up on boy’s face.

They keep walking on their way in silence before the man asks, “do you know as to why that bird was killed?”

The boy nods, and replies, “because it was not scared of scarecrow.”

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Sunil Rajpal