Are you wondering which type of security fence you need to guard your premises? Well here is a rundown on the different types of security fences that you can choose from to help you and your property feel more secure.

Security fences are a lot different from normal fences as they stand out, creating a definitive boundary. They help deter trespassers/ intruders with their physical presence. There are a wide range of security fences to choose from. At one end of the spectrum you have security fences that disregard aesthetics and are purely there for business reasons. At the other end you have security fences that try to get an equal balance between security, safety and style. Therefore, before deciding which types of security fence you want around your property think about your location and the aesthetics you require.

Different Types of Security Fence

The most common type of security fence that has been around for the past 70 years or so is the chain link fence. The composition of this fence type is the crossing of mesh steel wires which are supported by corner and end posts with steel line posts integrated between the crossed wires at intervals. For added security some people intertwine barbed wired at the top to enhance the level of security the fence offers. This fence type is popular because it is really simple to install and is robust. It is also non corrosive and comes complete with see through capabilities. The fact that product selection is extensive and good value for money makes choosing one for your property really simple.

Another popular fence type is welded wire mesh. The composition of this fence type is meshed wire welded together. The type of steel used is usually galvanised and often comes in grid shaped rectangles or squares. Like the chain link fence you can clearly see through this type of fence.

Palisade fencing is the most aesthetically pleasing of all security fences. The composition of this fence is galvanised vertical steel posts that are inline and supported by horizontal supports fixed to the floor with base plates. This type of fence is very hard to climb and usually comes in a variety of different colours.

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