Coconut milk is used for a wide variety of dishes. It is tasty and healthy. It can be added with any dish to help improve the flavour. Coconut milk can be had directly as well. Cultures all over India, find new and interesting ways to add coconut milk to their diet. Even though it’s usage varies, coconut milk is a huge part of the South-Indian diet. In states like Kerala, it is used to help make a wide range of dishes. It is even consumed along with appam as a complete breakfast meal.

Coconut milk has indeed been a staple of the Indian diet for a long time. It provides major health benefits, as well as adds a good flavour to your meals. Coconut milk aids weight loss and helps boost immunity. It is rich in antioxidants and gives your body a much-needed dose of energy.

Even with all of these benefits, coconut milk doesn’t quite compare to the health benefits that grated coconut provides. Grated coconut is a more natural source of coconut. As it is raw, it doesn’t need added preservatives or additives. This also means that it is much safer to consume. Grated coconut can be had raw with other meals, but it functions best as an ingredient for your meals.

Grated coconut is used in a wide range of recipes to make delicious meals that are both scrumptious and helps give you a balanced healthy diet. Just a cup or as much as 80 grams of coconut flesh contains a host of important nutrients and vitamins such as calories, protein, carbs, fat, sugar, fibre, manganese, selenium, copper, phosphorus, potassium, iron and zinc.

In fact, grated coconut gives you all the benefits of coconut milk and more. It is an easier way to add coconut to your diet without having to worry about additives or preservatives.

The only question that you need to ask yourself, is what is the best source of grated coconut that you can get today. The answer to that question is of course iD Fresh Grated Coconut. iD Fresh has prepared the ideal serving of grated coconut in a unique packaging that both preserves the flavour and your wellbeing.
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To enjoy the iD Grated Coconut:

Press your thumbs on the side of the cork and push upwards for freshly grated coconut.

Replace cork tightly after use & store in the refrigerator.

Say goodbye to your coconut grater.

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