Great Customer Service

Hendy’s mandate is to help people in big cities across North America to make sure their homes are clean and in good working order If you need any kind of repairs or installations done around the house, Handy can pair you up with a professional to get any job done. Each person that appears on their site is vetted before being placed on the platform to make sure the customer is getting the best possible service by one of their representatives. It is vital for companies like Handy to gives customers the best possible customer service to grow their business and increase rates of customer satisfaction thus improving their rates of word of mouth. This is a powerful way of getting new customers since they are more likely to sign up to the service after their family or friend spoke to them about it. 

Getting Eco-Friendly Items For Your Home

Since it is Handy's job to make sure your house is in a great working condition and is spick and spam, it is up to you to decide what products and items to purchase for your home. Taking care of yourself first is very important since no one else is likely to do it for you. Purchasing quality products is a good place to start for your hair and body. There is an all-natural soap that works well in just about any surface of your body. Scents such as lavender, mint and citrus calm the mind and revitalize the soul. Even using these scents as essential oils for the home is a great idea to keep your space smelling fresh and putting you in a better mood as soon as you take a sniff. 

Metal straws have become a very popular product since plastic straws are terrible for the environment. They are almost never recycled and end up in the ocean for marine life to accidentally ingest. There has been a video that has gone viral of a sea turtle getting a plastic straw stuck in its nose. People noticed it there and tried removing it with tweezers. The sea turtle was in so much pain from this experience, which can cause the movement of saying no to plastic straws. In plus food tastes so much better if it is not consumed in plastic or with plastic cutlery. This way people use less plastic and are compelled to use metal cutlery even if it is not so convenient in some cases.

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Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media enthusiast.