A polisher is essential equipment for any motorist. Over time, as it is used, a car, whatever its brand, loses its youth. From a bright red sparkling and shiny at the start, it will gradually take on a bland red / pink color, bleak and lifeless. The painting , the varnish and protections to tarnish one after the other so that the car was in the third age. Its owner then experiences less and less joy in driving it. And above all, in such a state, it is difficult to find a lessee ready to pay a substantial budget to buy the car in second hand.

Of course, regular washing of the car contributes to its maintenance . But even using specialized shampoos is not enough for the body. What is necessary is to plan from time to time a buffing of the car with a buffing machine. Why should you absolutely have it in your maintenance arsenal, how to choose it and especially how to use it? We have designed this guide to guide you in the world of polishers by answering the various aspects of the question.

Why use a polisher on your car?

The car polisher: we all hear about it. But concretely, what is it?

What is a car polisher?

As its name suggests, the car polisher or polisher is designed to make cars shine. It is mainly found in garages, and especially in body repairers. For its operation, it has an ergonomic handle and a disc which is generally covered with a polishing sponge or a cap.
Most of these devices strongly resemble a grinder / grinder, but they have a fundamental difference: their speed of rotation . Indeed, a polisher generally turns under 600rpm and has a variator not to burn the product, and by extension, the paint.

Reasons to use a polisher

The polisher revives the bodywork and other surfaces of a car by reviving any dull color . In fact, it mitigates or removes minor faults on the car. Even after a thorough washing, some damage remains apparent. It's the case :

dirty water, lime, acid, pollution and friction stains;
bird droppings;
micro scratches and scuffs caused by poor washing techniques;

old lettering traces due to stickers;

holograms (circular marks resulting from poor passage of the rotary car polisher).
The device can also be used to collect dust and polish the interior of the car , including its dashboard. To ensure these different functions, and according to the needs of the user, there are different models of polishers offering variable speeds . How do you find the perfect

How to choose your polisher?

You must first know the characteristics of the different polishers available on the market. There are basically two: the rotary polisher and the orbital polisher .

The rotary polisher: guaranteed power

This type of polisher has a power of 1100 to 1600 W, for a weight of 2 to 3.5 kg. It performs a circular movement and is especially intended for professionals and amateurs with practical and theoretical knowledge. Depending on the model chosen, the rotation of the device is 600 to 4,000 rpm. Thanks to this function, it corrects large scratches, large scratches, etc.

The orbital polisher: for successful finishes

The orbital polisher does not produce as much heat as the rotary polisher when used on a car. In fact, this polisher is easier to use , even for the less experienced in the area of ​​detailing. With a power varying between 100 and 600 W, it can perform up to 6000 orbits / min. There are even pneumatic models that operate on an air compressor.

At the choice of an orbital polisher is added that of the pads which must correspond to the polish used ( wax , polish , compound , etc.).

Criteria for choosing

Choose an orbital polisher if you are a neophyte . If you already have a little experience with polishers, then a rotary polisher will save you time and tackle larger jobs. Try taking a model with a Velcro attachment for the pads, which will make your life easier later.

The pads

It is depending on the nature of the work to be done that one chooses the pads or foam pads of his device. There are three groups:

the polishing pads used for smoothing minors and means damage to the planar surfaces of the car;
the cutting pads of the polishers, used to correct medium or more or less deep defects;
the finishing pads , for finishing and small-scale adjustments.

The rotation speed

Not all polishers have the same speed. it most often varies between 600 and 4000 rpm . Speed ​​must therefore be taken into account when making a choice. In this regard, by choosing a model with a variable speed drive , you can adjust the speed of the device depending on the damage to be repaired and the polish to be used. Buying a polisher for your car is a great idea. But you still have to know how to use it.How to use your polisher?

The use of the tool is done in several stages:

wash the vehicle properly and allow it to dry before attempting to apply the polisher;
tape the windshield, windows and antennas to protect them, then wear an apron and put on gloves to protect your hands;
place the polish or polish on the pad, then apply it to the body using the disc. Do not press too strongly on the surfaces, so as not to damage them;
To properly use the best car polisher for beginners, it is strongly recommended that you test first . What to say? Make a first pass by making circles on the body. If this first round proves successful, gradually increase the speed of the device. It is after that that you will start the interview itself. Of course, a point of honor must be put on your safety during the use of the polisher. Here are our tips.

Our safety advice

Whether before, during or after using the device, a number of safety rules must be observed. They are most often presented in the user manual. We therefore advise to read it entirely. As well :

avoid wearing loose clothing;

tie or cover your hair (or beard!), if it is long;
get rid of bracelets, watches and rings so as not to scratch the car;
check that the tool switch is in stop mode before plugging it in;
keep the device in hand so as not to cause damage to you and the body of the car;

protect your eyes by wearing glasses;

wash your hands properly at the end of the operation.
How much does a polisher cost?
It all depends on your tastes, the needs of the car and the aesthetics you want to give it. We find in commerce and on e-commerce platforms models of polisher at 20 €, but these will be just good for applying a wax. Other high-end models can reach 300 or even € 800, especially when they are wireless. The choice is yours!

the foam pad or pads , defined according to the type of work to be performed: smoothing, correcting or finishing;
the speed of rotation : depending on whether it is a rotary or orbital polisher, you have different speeds;
from your experience : the orbital polisher will forgive your small mistakes more easily than a rotary polisher;
of your budget : polishers may require a substantial budget, depending on the options sought.

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