"Is your success because of your system or inspite of it?"
This is a question I ask people each and everyday. Some
don't mind the question being asked where as others absolutely
loathe having to answer it.

Success or lack of it can come about for a variety of reasons.
Some good and some not so good. The most important aspect is
that your success has come about because of what you have
planned,what you have followed through on and what you are
committed to.

You have made your success happen and have not had it handed to
you on silver platter. Some may argue with this. Saying that
it doesn't matter where or how your success has come about,
just that it has. End of story.

I can understand that line of thinking, but I cannot say I
agree with it,and here are a few reasons why. If your success
is because of any other reason other than you and what you have
done, as quickly or as easily as that success has arrived, it
can also depart.

See the problem here is that your success is out of your
control and basically it is left up to some other source to
provide you with the success you desire.Is this really a
position that you would knowingly place yourself in?

Also I am quite sure you do not want to be a one hit wonder?
Perhaps you would like to see some consistency of success?
Consistency will come about a lot better if you have a plan
of attack that has been successful, but more importantly one
that you know and understand and can continue to refine,
so that your success can be continually replicated.

So your "system" allows you to go ahead confidently knowing
that success is a better than even proposition. Rather than
sitting there working and hoping that success might roll by
and knock on your door?

So for the sake of the article, lets take it as agreed that we
recognise that a system is imperative for your ongoing success.
But what is it that should go into that system? What are the
key elements that are going to allow you to go ahead

-Goals, Targets, Outcomes,
Call them what you will. But basically your system has to have
you working towards something.

-Process, Strategy, Blueprint
How is it you are going to achieve these goals or outcomes?
What do you have to do and how?

-Discipline, Commitment, Dedication
What will you have to personally do to see these goals or
outcomes realised?

-Attitude, Mindset, Focus
How tough, how committed, how focussed will you have to be to
see these goals or outcomes become a reality?

-Price, Toll, Cost
Each and every goal you purse will come at a price. What will
the price be for these goals? Time, energy, enthusiasm, skill.

-Skills, Knowledge, Experience
Of course there will be a certain requirement of skill,
insight or experience. What is it you need? Do you have it?
Where can you get it?

-Influences, Distractions, Impact
What are the things that can help you and or hinder your
progress? How, where and why will they come about? To
what degree can they really effect what you are doing?

-Awareness, Understanding, Insight
What is going on around you and why? What could happen along
this journey and why?

-Timeline, Deadline,
When is this goal to be achieved? What is the time line for
each stage of the process? Do you have any breathing space?

-Roles, Rank, Delegation
Who is going to do what? How are they going to do it and why?

-Analysis, Scoreboard, Statistics
Other than the goals being achieved how is it that you know
you are on the right path? How will you monitor and analyse

-Accountability, Answerability, Responsibility
What is accountability as it relates to these goals and
outcomes? Is the process of accountability relevant, specific,
fair? Does the process of accountability work towards the end

We have all seen success happen for all sorts of reasons. Some
of it planned, some of it because of circumstance, some of it
because of luck.

A plan, or more importantly a plan of understanding and action
will not guarantee success. But it will bring the odds into
your favour.

The journey continues!

Author's Bio: 

Bill Nelson is an elite international sporting coach who has turned his knowledge of developing peak team and individual performance into a world-class corporate consultancy, Total Performance Concepts Pty Ltd.

Bill's wisdom of the science of motivation, performance coaching, team building and the development of organisational culture has been utilised by business organisations, defence forces, educational institutions, local government, and elite sporting programs throughout the world.