Once you have the first question out of the way, the next one is to start looking around for products to promote. This is really not as easy as many people say it is and requires a lot of effort. There are not too many places where you can look for products and most of them are known. Below we will take each of these and individually discuss their pros and cons.

Google AdSense
This is one of the easiest ways to spot products to sell. Whenever you type out any search string, you will get sponsored ads on the right-hand side of the page. Usually these ads would have been put up by affiliates wanting to increase traffic to their websites.

For example, if you type in “Herbal beauty creams” in the search bar,
you will get five ads on the right-hand side of the results page. Barring
one, all the others are affiliate sites that sell different kinds of herbal
beauty products, and just looking at the different products they sell will
start you off on your search for products to market. Generally, if you follow the link to the home page, you will find details of how to become an affiliate member. It is not necessary to sign up to
the affiliate network immediately as there is many analyses that need to be done before you pick a product, but it makes finding them easier.

The negative of this method is that you will be entering a
crowded market. If there are four ads by affiliates themselves,
think of the total number of affiliates who will be marketing these
products. Standing out from this crowd to make your site unique
is not going to be easy. Yet, if many affiliates are promoting a
particular product usually means that it is a good selling one, so
the chances of you making a sale are also better.

CHECK out your competition
This is one of the easiest ways to find products. If you are in a
niche, you will be aware of whom your competitors are, and all you
must do is to follow their lead. This way is easy because you let
someone else do all the legwork for you, while all you must do is copy
them. There is a lot of analysis required before you decide on
whether you want to go with a product or not and allowing another
person to do this frees you up to do other work.
The drawback to this model is that you are always following
the leader. Depending on how long it takes you to set up your site,
get content posted with everything else you have to do to get its
ranking up, you may very well miss the boat. However, some
people follow this policy because their costs are low. All they have
to worry about is marketing a product, not finding it.

There are several affiliate programs like Google's affiliate network
and ClickBank that allows you to browse through sites that have
registered with them and who are open to using affiliates. It is like
what you do with the Google results page ads, but the difference is
that you get a much bigger number of sites from which to choose. You can search according to product or niche and identify the product you want to go with.
Not only this, but you will also be able to compare the
commission given to affiliates. Different sites will offer different
percentages of commission, and while going with the one that
offers the highest commission may seem like a good idea, it may
also mean that the high commission is because of the difficulty in
selling the product. A more easily salable one may have a lower
commission per sale, but total sales volume may be greater,
giving you more total income.

The biggest advantage is not even this. Most of these affiliate
programs will give you a track record of the company that you want
to start marketing for. This is very important because if you are pulled
in by a scam artist, sell his products and he does not pay you, there
is very little you can do about it. Checking the track record of various
sites gives you the knowledge that you require to weed out the strong
candidates from the not so strong.

You can check their payment history to see if they make their
payments properly, and even check how long they have been online.
Going with someone who has had a web presence for at least 6
months to a year is good because if not you have no idea if they are
real or not. By going with sites that already have an affiliate program
running you may be entering an already tight market, but you at least
know you will not be cheated.

LOOK up online stores
This is becoming very popular nowadays. Amazon actively
encourages affiliates and with their sales volume increasing by leaps
and bounds, it is relatively easy to make a sale on Amazon. Not only
that, their whole affiliate marketing system is mostly automated and
there are no payment issues at all concerning commission.
There are a few negatives here, with Amazon offering the lowest
commissions anywhere on the net. They start off at a low 4% and
many times you will have to work hard to start seeing any money from your site at all. Many affiliates just drop out because they will be putting in more than they are getting out of it.

Yet, if you are willing to be patient it is also one of the best
methods. Not only does Amazon give you all the details of what the
most searched for products are on their site, they give you the option
of tracking several other details. There are a few people who earn
just out of promoting products on Amazon. Their per product earning
may not be much, averaging around $1000 per month for a really
good affiliate program, but if you have 10 such sites, you're earning
quite a tidy sum of money.

Amazon has been taken simply as an example, and the same is
true of any online store that you want to start marketing for. All of
them know the value of affiliates. Many of them take a day to check
into the antecedents of those who want to start on their affiliate
program to find out of you are serious or not before accepting you
into their program. Although there is no minimum qualification that
you need to become an affiliate, it is better if you have an existing
website with a bare minimum amount of traffic monthly. It shows that
you are in it with your eyes open and for the long term.

This is something that you can do only after you are really set up
with a good site and are doing business. You can approach both
online partners and offline ones to check with them if they would be
interested in having you market their products.
This will work only if you are able to offer an already existing
marketing network, with both a large amount of traffic as well as sales
going on in your site. Most companies are interested in increasing
sales and are open to commissions if you can give actual increase
in sales. A few of the top bloggers and review sites have done this
with success, even approaching companies that have never done
any online marketing before and partnering them.
Although this means that you already have an existing set up, if
you can do this you are effectively putting yourself in a place where there is absolutely no competition. Because these companies them-selves have never worked with affiliates in the past there is no competition that you have to worry about.

You will still have to do a basic analysis to find out if you have a good
chance of making a sale or not. For example, if you are able to convince Ferrari or Lamborghini that you are a good person to start an affiliate program with, it still does not mean that you will be able to sell even one car. You need to research into the market to find such products that have a reasonably good chance of being sold online.

This is the simplest way for you to find anything that you are
looking for. If you want to enter the health and fitness niche, just
Googling “health and fitness” will give you several products. This is
very time consuming, but there is nothing better to give you an
impression of how the market is. In fact, if you rely only on affiliate
programs and other directories, you will be mission out on a number
of products whose manufacturers are not a part of these directories.
They may not necessarily be against affiliates as such, just against
being part of a third-party program.

Even with all the amount of online activity that is going on, not
every niche is crowded, and sometimes there may be a new
product that has been launched in the market, and you will not
find more than one or two sites promoting it. This is the
opportunity for you to jump into that particular niche and take
advantage of this lesser competition.

A simple example would be when it comes to record labels that
come out. When a particular artist brings out an album, it does not
take you more than 24 hours to find out how much of a hit it has
become in the market. Checking online the next day will tell you what
the competition is like and very often it will be nil. If you work fast,
you can have your site up in just a couple of days at the most, to take
advantage of the interest in the public for that album.

Getting affiliated and starting your marketing is going to be very easy simply because there is little competition. Getting to be the number 1 ranked site is very easy as long as you take some basic precautions like including it in your site's URL and putting in at
least a couple of good quality content that is optimized towards
that artist's name and other related keywords.

Interest may taper off within just a matter of weeks, but you
would have taken advantage of the wave of public interest, and
have ridden high on it because you got an early start.

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