Where did our love go? We met about six years ago and it started off with a friendship which grew into a strong love. We had a lot in common, we became keen on spending a lot of time together, love blossomed and eventually we moved in together. It seemed to be guaranteed to not only survive but blossom more and more, friends were jealous, we were made for each other. Until...

About a year ago he started to become very snappy, he was forever being critical, jumping down my throat, finding fault, telling me how to do things, picking holes in my thoughts, asking me why I was doing this or that. It got to be that he would want to know why I am buying a bar of chocolate or going for a walk, he seemed to be unable to be alone or to trust me. He could not trust me to make a decision or to be out of his sight.

This was bad enough but it continued to get worse, he would pick holes in everything all of the time and seemed to get power from it and enjoy it. And then he would start to sulk and go into huffs over nothing. Or go out on his own to places we used to go to together before.
He started to behave as if he were totally single yet still wanted to be able to watch my every move and decide my every thought. I now had a man who was not my partner anymore, but a guy who flitted back and forth, goodness knows where to and who with, but where everything about me was an open book to him.

I consulted a psychic medium who told me that he was having a crisis, a sort of depressive episode, which must have been sparked off by something. Thinking about it I remembered it was shortly before all this started that he found out he had celiac disease and had to stop eating foods that contained gluten, he also had to stop drinking his precious amber nectar lager and beer! He said he just accepted it but now I am not so sure. It has probably hit him much worse than he lets on, making him feel frail, vulnerable and old.

We need to talk about this because if it is because of this we can sort it out, he can get help, he can learn to accept it, but to throw our relationship out too and lose me too would be such a shame for both of us, especially at a time when he needs me so much. I have a terrific gluten free cook book I would love to try out on him.


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