When do you know if a sleep coach is the solution for your insomnia? Let’s begin by defining insomnia. Insomnia can be characterized by the inability to get to sleep, stay asleep, or both. Insomnia is poor quality and very unsatisfying sleep. It’s duration can be short lived or transient, meaning that it lasts for a few days or even up to a month or it can go on for years – then it’s classified as chronic. Your nights can be overwhelmed with one or more countless wake-up events. Often you get up in the morning totally restless and groggy feeling like you’ve not slept at all.

Daytime is often challenging, particularly mid-day, when you feel an immense energy drain. You may feel like you to need to lie down, if even for 15 minutes. You may be subsisting on coffee, colas and caffeine-laced beverages to help you stay awake. Little do you know that these caffeine beverages often have half-lives that can affect and stimulate your system for up to 20 hours after their consumption, thereby causing night-time wakefulness. And then the process begins all over again.

Sleep and your sleep routine is a habit, just like many other routines in our lives. The NSF (National Sleep Foundation), says there are at least 50 – 70% of you who have insomnia. This epidemic of insomnia is witnessed by the number of sleep-aides found on a pharmacy shelves. These aides may work for a while, but then they become less effective to put you asleep, or keep you asleep. Wouldn’t it be nice just to do this ‘sleep thing’ on your own – without trying? Babies don’t try to go to sleep – they just fall asleep naturally. Something happened along the way from being babies to being adults. We developed unhealthy sleep habits.

How best to begin addressing your sleep habits? Look to your daytime and nighttime routines. We are creatures of habit and even though you may not believe it, you developed your sleep habits and you can change them. You can replace those less-than-restful habits with positive ones. Sometimes other influences affect your sleep, as an example, physical pain can wake you up, your partner’s snoring, caring for a sick family member, room temperature too hot or too cold, but if none of these seem to be causing your insomnia, there is a better than 50% chance that it is coming from unresolved tension and stress. Just imagine…eliminating your stress and eliminating your mind chatter! That may seem like a fairly unattainable goal, but when you reduce or eliminate some of the stress and tension in your life your rewards are bountiful…among them, a good night’s sleep!

Don’t you feel that sometimes you’d just like to discuss your sleep challenges with someone who has had first-hand experience and similar problems to those you are facing? If you think you’ve tried everything ‘out there’ to help change your sleep routine and habits and nothing seems to be very effective, perhaps it really is time to consider working with a personal sleep coach.

Typically coaching programs can be done over the phone, by email, or in-person or a combination of all three – whichever suits your needs and lifestyle.

If you are constantly challenged by:
· Sleepless night
· Tossing & turning
· Clock-watching
· Morning or mid-day low-energy grogginess
· Dependency on sleep medication or a caffeine boost
· Endless mind chatter

And if you could actually:
· Toss the expensive sleeping pills
· Wake up to the energy of excellence
· Learn an energy healing process that would help you to resolve sleep issues and would also be a tool you could use for the rest of your life ~ whenever you are feeling stuck.
Then an interactive, personalized sleep coaching program may be your answer.

Author's Bio: 

Author and Sleep Coach, Glenda Sparling, who experienced 23+ years of insomnia, can definitely help you address and overcome the challenges you face around sleep issues and insomnia. Glenda has authored the e-book, The Spirit of Sleep, which offers effective natural tools, techniques and behaviors for eliminating sleep anxiety and insomnia.