Most people go through life without ever really having lived. They live by rules and routines they have acquired over the course of their lives. They feel safe and secure doing the same things they have always done, and they fear anything that could break these habits.

That my friend is not living, that is existing.

To live a truly fulfilled life, one must educate and train one's mind. Past habits, routines, and old ways of thinking must be corrected.

Have you ever heard the saying “we are what we think”? Basically, if we can train our thoughts and emotions to believe we are living the life of our dreams then eventually our dreams will turn into our realities.

It’s all how you perceive everyday events and things. If you wake up in a bad mood chances are your day is going to get a lot worse before it’s over. If you wake up in a great mood feeling thankful and happy about life, then chances are you’re going to have a wonderful day.

We all know someone who is always in a bad mood and miserable and see’s only negative things in life. Their life will always bring them misfortune and heartache because that's how they perceive life to be.

Everyone has the capability to change and live a happy and fulfilled life. It’s all a state of mind.

I have recently finished creating a membership website called in the self-help and self-improvement category which has video courses that teach people how to master different ways of thinking to enhance one's mind.

These courses include material on how to master self-resilience, self-confidence, how to change bad habits, how to gain a powerful disciplined mind to name but a few. We also have eBooks, articles, and videos on various subjects in the self-help category. The content will be updated and added on a regular basis.

All of the content on my website has been written or sourced by me and is of high-quality information. Most of the courses have been purchased by me with a special re-sellers license that gives me permission to add them to my website for all paying members to study at their own leisure.

In fact, the whole of my website has been created by me alone with no help from anyone else and I have spent many hours of research and work to get it looking as good as it does now. And I am very pleased and proud of the finished product, and I truly believe all new members will find the information extremely useful and educational.

There are three membership levels, free, paid monthly, and paid yearly. The monthly fee for membership is currently set at a very modest $4.95 which will probably rise to $7.95 or above as the site grows. For all members who get in at the lower price, they will always pay that price for as long as they remain subscribed.

I am currently offering a 50% discount on the $4.95 monthly fee for the first 100 paying members and this discount will last for as long as they remain subscribed. You can get the 50% coupon code by entering the following 50OFF100 just add that code to where it says coupon on the signup page.

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Ashley Joyner is a motivational speaker and membership website owner in the self-improvement niche. You can find his website at