When Will I Get Pregnant: What To Do If You Want To Have A Baby

When is the best time to get pregnant? It is an important question for anyone planning on getting pregnant to know the answer to. Many feel having sex all the time is the sure fire way of achieving this but this isn't the case.

Having sex all the time won't mean a thing if you doing it on the wrong days of your cycle and perhaps more importantly you are actually lowering your chances as having too much sex lowers the male sperm count.

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You will only manage to conceive if you have sex during the ovulation stage of your menstrual cycle. If you don't know when this is here are a few pointers.

1. Ovulation occurs around 14 days before the start of your next cycle. So if you have a regular period it is easier to know the best times to try to conceive. If for example you have a 30 day cycle then day 16 after the the first day of your period will most likely be the best time to try.

To slightly increase your chances however having sex on days 10, 12, 16 and 18 should optimize the chances of conception and not be much of a risk to your partners sperm count ( this is still for a 30 day cycle ).

2. If you have an irregular cycle then you can spot ovulation with your basal body temperature. You can check this with a basal thermometer which you should be able to purchase from most chemists. An even better option is to purchase an ovulation predictor test kit. This works like a pregnancy kit but informs you of when ovulation is due to occur. The kits have proven to be very accurate.

3. Get hold of a good fertility book and read it thoroughly, making sure you take in all the information you can. A good fertility book will contain information about the best time to get pregnant, advice on what to eat and exercises you should do, and let you know the best sexual positions.

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When you decide to have a child, it makes your life complete. Your body altering that nothing else can compare when you are pregnant. You have to get ready to give up your life and freedom to be your own person and your own child. When you become the mother of your baby it means you put your child first. This is instinctive. You have to suffer from all the unbearable pain of the stitches from a caesarian and pull oneself out of bed every time when your baby cries. It just means that you always have to be available to feed your baby through the day and night. After becoming the mother of a baby, you need to be available of changing the diapers, cleaning the poop of the baby, staying alert through all the night and staying on call of every moment. Your baby needs your time, emotion, care and love. It often means taking a backseat and letting the child take over your time and life.

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Some women accept it as a natural thing and are willing to become the mother of a child. But there are some women are also who is not blessed to have this wonder feeling of becoming pregnant and being mom of a cute and healthy baby.

So, if you are one of them who want to get pregnant and become mother of a cute and healthy baby, you just need to follow all the natural and holistic approaches. Natural and holistic approach is one of the best ways to get pregnant fast and naturally, if you are infertile for any kind of reason.

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I often hear from people who are trying to pinpoint when to best conceive baby boys. The other day, someone asked me "when are boys conceived?" Taken alone, this is a pretty broad statement which is extremely difficult to answer. But, taken in context of the entire conversation, I knew what this person was actually asking me. She was trying to determine if there is a time period during a woman's cycle when it's more likely that you would conceive a boy. I'll address this topic in the following article.

Boys Can Be Conceived At Any Time During Your Fertility Cycle: Admittedly, I believe that there is a time period where it's more likely for a boy to be conceived, but that's not to say that boys aren't conceived at any time or day when a woman is fertile and can become pregnant. Ultimately, a boy is conceived when a Y sperm chromosome (instead of an X) fertilizes the egg and results in a pregnancy. This can happen at any time because a man's sperm contains both X and Y chromosomes. Sometimes, which sperm chromosome wins out (and which gender you ultimately conceive) is a matter of luck. And sometimes, it' can be a matter of timing, distance and PH, which leads me to my next point.

The Time Period When A Boy Is More Likely To Be Conceived: Remember before when I mentioned the Y sperm chromosomes that produce boys? Well these Y's do not live or survive as long as the X's which produce girls. That's why I believe that you have a better chance of producing a boy if you have sex and conceive after ovulation takes place. The reason for this is that timing after the fact does not require the Y sperm to wait (and possibly then deteriorate and die off) for the egg.

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As mentioned before, that's not to say that boys aren't conceived before ovulation. They certainly are. It's just that the chances are better, in my view and research, after ovulation. There really are three things that influence your baby's sex: timing, PH, and distance and positioning.

The Three Variables To Worry About When You Want A Boy Baby: I've discussed timing above. You don't have to guess at your timing. You can use an ovulation predictor to tell you when you've ovulated. Another thing to consider is PH. Acidity discourages the vulnerable Y sperm. So, if you are trying for a boy, you'll want to be alkaline instead. There are tools for this also such as PH test strips. You can tweak your PH with your diet and with carefully douching with appropriate ingredients.

The third variable in this equation is the distance that the sperm has to travel. Since it doesn't live for very long, a lengthy trip that takes longer isn't the best situation for it. That's why deeper penetration when you have sex is recommended, because it gives those Y's a shorter distance to cover.

I believe that these three things work together to give you the best chance for a boy. Sure, a boy can be conceived at any time during fertility, but waiting until after ovulation gives you the best chance, as does introducing the other two variables that I mentioned above.

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I recently heard from a woman who was hoping to get pregnant with a boy baby. Last week, she'd begun having what she assumed were ovulation cramps. So, she and her husband had sex on that same day in an attempt to get pregnant. She wanted to know whether, if she did get pregnant, which baby gender she was more likely to conceive. She asked in part: "if I had sex and become pregnant right after I felt ovulation cramps, would I be more likely to get pregnant with a girl or boy baby?" I'll answer this question in the following article.

If Ovulation Cramps Actually Meant Ovulation Had Taken Place, A Baby Boy Could Possibly Be More Likely: Many women assume that cramps somewhere midway between their cycle mean that they have ovulated. But, in my experience, this method of gauging ovulation is not the most reliable. There are various reasons that women have cramps. And some have cramps at the beginning of ovulation and some feel them more toward the end.

However, couples that have sex on the day of ovulation are said to be slightly more likely to have a boy. The reason for this is that the Y or boy producing sperm are shorter lived so conceiving close to the egg's release gives them a better chance for survival. But, there were a lot of ifs in this scenario. The woman who wrote me did not test to confirm that she had ovulated and timing is just one variable that you can use to choose your baby's gender.

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Testing Ovulation Versus Gauging Your Cramps: Admittedly, it's said that ovulation cramps can be one way that your body tells you that you have or are getting ready to ovulate. Cervical mucus is another way. But these clues can be misread or can happen for other reasons. That's why I strongly recommend using an ovulation predictor to make sure that you are right. I find saliva to be best but a urine predictor is certainly preferable to guessing. Ovulation predictors aren't expensive, even the really good saliva ones are around $20. So, if you are really serious about choosing your baby's gender, a good predictor can be an invaluable tool.

The Variables (In Addition To Timing) That Influence Whether You Have A Boy Or A Girl: As I mentioned before, timing (and how it relates to ovulation) can have an influence on your baby's gender. Having sex before ovulation favors the X sperm or a girl conception and having sex during or after ovulation favors the Y sperm or producing a boy. But, there are two other variables that are equally as important.

Whether the mother is alkaline or acidic can also influence gender. An acidic PH favors girls because this environment is detrimental to the Y sperm. This woman wanted a boy, so she needed to make sure that she was alkaline. The best to ensure would be testing herself and then tweaking her diet and considering certain douches, if it came to that.

The last of the three variables is the sexual positions that you use. Shallow penetration is for couples that are trying for a girl. And the couple in this article would have been better off with deeper penetration as this gives the weaker boy sperm the head start that they need. Combining these variables is the best way to have the best chance of getting the gender you want.

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