As your spiritual educator and healer I feel it’s my obligation to make sure you are using your divine skills and divination tools correctly and in accordance to the Creator. The misconception of spirituality is that it replaces the faith and honor of God. This is far from the truth. God is and always will be the Most High and a spirit that sits alone. However, God has given us tools to improve our situations and give us the guidance needed to make the best decisions and it’s important that we know how and when to use these tools.

Readings are designed to give you guidance and advice. If you have a question about something and you need confirmation or need to know if something is in your best interest. Readings offer you instructions and steps to achieve your desired outcome. God has given us free choice. Readings can only be accurate based on the choices you make. The cards can read one way but if you go against the reading, it can change everything. Readings are not permanent, the results and circumstances can change.

Prayer is something that should be done every day if possible. Prayer time is your personal time with the Creator giving thanks and praise. If you’re worried about a love one’s health or safety, you want to pray. Prayer is for things and situations you cannot control. Viruses, diseases, cancers, things of this nature. You can pray for yourself and others at all times. There are no restrictions or rules when you’re praying with a pure heart and righteous intentions.

Rituals are used when you are working toward a desired outcome and need spiritual assistance from the other side to help bring your dreams or desires into manifestation. Rituals can be ceremonial like for every full moon or spiritual holidays or celebrations. In this spiritual practice, you are calling upon different energies and spirits to help you master a certain skill, increase your spiritual knowledge, give you protection against spiritual and physical evils, and to help you with personal downfalls like addiction. Rituals can serve as an aid for health, but it can’t be at the last minute. It should be done early, before health is at its worst. Rituals are very powerful and can be dangerous if not done correctly.

There are exceptions when you can use two methods at one time. For example, you may get a reading to tell you what to do in a certain situation and then perform a ritual to make sure you have the spiritual guidance needed to fulfill your purpose. You may also combine readings and prayers to reach your desired results. I hope this gives you a better understanding on how to use divination to improve your life and circumstances correctly and I look forward to speaking with you again.

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Healer and spiritual guider.