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I won’t start my article with the overused phrases “Life sometimes can be difficult”, “Everyday life is overwhelming for everyone” and staff. Yes, it is. And sometimes this is really ok.
Today we’ll speak about those days or periods when our brain or someone we love gets stuck and isn't able to figure out the solutions that are possible and available to them. This is a struggle I have had almost all my life. I feel love, stress, and anger at the same time, making my heart a volcano that takes no time to explode. The lava burns my body and my brain is the only organ that unfortunately makes it, keeping it alive and in total pain. Guilt comes next with weakness and I find myself totally depressed and frustrated.
In the past, when someone I loved would ask me for feedback about their worries and about what they should do, I used to say my opinion. Later though, even some hours later, I would probably change my mind about things and the first thing I was feeling was guilt for the stupid thing I said and how misleading I thought it was. I now regret some pieces of advice I have given in the past or I have totally changed my point of view.
So, today when someone asks me for advice, I tell them what I do myself. And this is an honest way I think to have a conversation. Say what you do, not what you think.
The day I moved to study, my dad got sick. We had a month to get used to reality. We had to keep going without him. My dad was a lovely person and that would really be a difficult thing to do. The place I moved to was a small town by the sea, full of green trees. That month I was feeling a wild wind of pain inside me. I was shocked and wanted to stay alone, as I honestly couldn't handle anyone else’s grief except mine.
This wind inside was getting stronger and stronger so one day, I felt the real need to go out and let it go along with the air. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't deal with reality. I just couldn't.

You had to walk for about one hour to get to the clean beach. Beautiful wild and clean water, free in the wind, birds that made your soul fly in desperation and hunger for happiness and freedom. I needed someone to wake this feeling of happiness and willing for life inside my heart. I needed someone to tell me my life will still go on and I can still have positive feelings. I can still have positive feelings. This was my fear. That I could never have positive feelings again, that there would always be a shadow of sadness.
I took this path every day until this period ended. The death of a loving person never leads to something positive, but it forces you to grow inside. I can never describe efficiently the positive sensation I felt when I returned from this walk. I went out of home totally wrecked and pessimistic and I returned with hope and positivity. This is health. This is life. This is nature.
There is no animal on this wonderful planet that doesn't feel this strong, thoroughgoing feeling for clean nature and freedom. Neither monkeys nor elephants would ever prefer a room or a cage full of food, instead of pure mountains and lovely trees. I am an animal. Why should I differ?
My mind gets healthy in nature. My soul gets full in the woods. Every time I need to give birth to something new, I go outside. I notice how the environment works, I am a silent observer. I close my eyes and feel grateful that I breathe. Right now. I see the world with my eyes, right now and this is a miracle.
I don't know much in life but one thing I know for sure and this is my advice when you need to make a decision about something or you struggle, feel frustrated. Go outside and let your mind make love with your environment. Embrace the beauty and be part of it and I assure you that when you go back to your doorstep, you will be having a new wonderful seed in your mind.
It is then your job to make it grow with soil, sun, and water.

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My name is Efi and I want to be part of the global change. However, we need to be healthy and happy so as to make a global change with a positive impact on the future. I write about life and philosophy. The best part of writing comes in giving a spark of life to my readers with the help of cosmology science. I literally love it.

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