.NET Core or ASP.NET is an open-source, cross-platform, high-performing web development framework that enables you to build a web application which can be run on Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems. A developer can build modern, cloud-optimized, IoT, Mobile Backend applications using this framework. Often times, this platform is used for cloud applications or refactoring large enterprises applications into microservices.

In this article, we bring you the details of when you should use the .NET Core framework.

When there are Cross-platform Needs

This framework can be used when applications need to run across multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux and MacOS. These operating systems are supported as development workstations, and this list of the supported operating systems will only grow in the coming years.

When Microservices are Being Used

Microservice is basically a form of service-oriented architecture that are comprisedof small, modular business services. Each of these services can run a unique process, be deployed independently and can be created in different programming applications. .NET Core enables a mix of technologies, which are lightweight and can be minimized for each microservice. Also, it is scalable as the new microservices are added.

When Docker Containers are Being Used

Containers and microservices architecture are often are used together. The reason being it is lightweight and modular; thus, .NET Core framework works very well with these containers. Server applications can be deployed cross-platform to the Docker containers. The .NET framework couldbe used for containers, but the image size wouldbe larger.

When you have High Performance and Scalable System Needs

Microsoft suggests that you should run .NET Core with ASP.NET Core for the best performance and scale. This becomes crucial when hundreds of microservices could be used, and a lower number of servers and virtual machines are required. The gained efficiency and scalability could then be translated into better user experience and additional cost savings.

When You Need to Run Multiple .NET Versions Side-by-side

When there is a need to install applications with dependencies on different versions of the frameworks in .NET, developers should use .NET Core. This is because multiple services can easily run on the same server with different versions of .NET without interfering with each other.

When You Want Command Line Interface (CLI) Control

Some developers prefer to work in the lightweight editors and command-line control. This is where .NET Core has a CLI for all the supported platforms. In fact, this framework requires minimal installation on the production machines. And still, there will be an opportunity to switch to an IDE.

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