When Men Only Want You for Sex by Rosemary Price psychic - it can be pleasing or it can be insulting, depending on the sort of woman you are and what you want to gain from men. I once had a client who was fairly attractive, she was pleasant,a friendly, easy to get on with and worked as a teacher. She had quite a boring safe life. One day she went to a bar to meet someone and while she was at the bar waiting various men were trying to chat her up, buy her drinks and get to be friendly with her.

Two or three made it obvious they would like to have sex with her and offered to pay her quite a bit of money for it. She looked them up and down, weighed up what they were like, selected one, went to his room and had sex with him. As a result she earned almost as much as she did if she worked as a teacher all week. She had never planned this, but it excited her, it made her feel desirable, and the money came in very handy. She returned to the place a few more times and similar things happened again. As a result she gave up her job as a teacher and did this regularly. She enjoyed it and she earned a great deal more in less time.

As Rosemary Price psychic it is not my place to judge her or to worry about whether she is in danger or morally wrong or anything else which she , as a grown adult can figure out for herself. I must not be judgmental.

The way she saw it was that they were paying her a compliment if they want her enough to pay properly for it. But if they had expected her to do it for free she would have found that insulting and not been at all interested.

Some of my male clients confess to me that they would love to find some woman they can go to just for sex. But they always get annoyed if they meet a woman who says they are too married or too old or too ugly or whatever, or if the woman asks them for money. Their view of the world is that they have a *** between their legs and they want a nice tight *** to put it in, and the woman should be just as desperate for a nice ***. It never occurs to them that it is far easier for a woman to get a man than a man to get a woman if it is just about sex.

This is why I, Rosemary Price psychic, get a lot of emails from men who want to go to wife swapping and swingers parties. But they cannot get a woman to go with them. Because the women think urgh. Why would I want a bunch of men I do not know to be jumping all over me. And if she is that way inclined she might as well charge properly for it. The men will use the excuse that sex is fun so what is the problem, but the woman has a commodity she can get well paid for.

When I worked as a psychic years ago doing face to face reading a lot of the men who came to me for tarot card readings would try it on. I think the cheekiest and most unrealistic one was the one who offered to give me a box of chocolates (cheap mass produced ones at that) in return for a whole night of sex. AND to add insult to injury he told me that he was used to paying £100 to a woman twice my age for just one hour with her! One of the reasons I stopped, one of many , seeing clients face to face was because of characters like this making a nuisance of themselves and being insulting.

There are men who are only interested in women for sex - not my type. There are also women who use it to their advantage and make the most of it. Fine if both benefit from it. The problem comes from where the man lies to get what he wants - such as the married man who claims he loves his bit on the side and promises to leave his wife - stringing her along - or the guy who pesters the woman.
When men lie to get what they want it is very selfish and it usually backfires on them later I have just had a case where a woman was lied to for three years by a married man that she now knows had no intention of ever being honest with her or keeping his promises, so she told his wife all about it.

Nowadays an attractive woman has to know how to handle the men that she meets.

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