What could be nicer than knowing everything about the future and acting accordingly? So the mistakes of life are put on hold and pure happiness moves in? Some people believe this and turn to a clairvoyant in their distress.

The clairvoyant should warn you about the possible mistakes of the future. When the announced event occurs, the person seeking advice is amazed. What was originally just an attempt to find out more about the future seems to be a wonderful source of information. The clairvoyant is your best body now! Little does the person seeking advice suspect that they are already on the way to becoming addicted.
For us humans it is just a dream to know things in advance. After all, most mistakes happen because of our wrong decisions. Our decisions are not always wise. And sometimes they are even associated with negative consequences. But if we knew what was going to happen, we would be many times smarter.

The clairvoyant or fortune teller probably has all the knowledge of your future. Were you skeptical when you first met the clairvoyant? But now that the event happened exactly as predicted, you are excited. The next contact with the clairvoyant is therefore not long in coming. It might be your thought to finally get rid of your worries and give up your own responsibilities. And so fate takes its course. The decisions for your life are now made by the clairvoyant and no longer by you.

The clairvoyant doesn't tell you what to do!
A serious clairvoyant won't tell you what to do now. Rather, he speaks of energetic properties that can occur. This can be perceived as a further opinion or as a specific instruction.

It depends on how you want to see it. If you have a very strong desire for a decision-making aid, you will likely take the prophet's statement as an instruction. And what exactly that statement is will be interpreted in the way that suits you best. All of this takes place in the subconscious and is not a construct of the rational mind.
In principle, it is similar to a conversation with a friend. You tell him something about a problem and he makes his statement about it. Your friend points out the risks or positives. He gives his personal opinion.

Now, if you see in this friend a person who is happy in his life, his opinion could be valuable to you. Because you want to be happy in life too. But you are not your friend. Your friend gives the advice from their perspective.

An individual personal decision for you must always be made by yourself. Because you live your life and not someone else.

The clairvoyant is not a friend, but is considered an authority on your future. Therefore, it can happen that the trust in the clairvoyant increases exorbitantly.
The way to esoteric addiction
By the time some future predictions have come true, you may be under the spell of clairvoyance. Because your occasions to re-establish contact with the clairvoyant are getting smaller and smaller. Now it's no longer about the big decisions in life, but also about smaller ones.
You are no longer ready to act yourself, because meanwhile a firm belief has manifested itself. You don't want to admit that the esoteric addiction has found its way into you. Because for you the contact to the universe is the only real thing. And now you are one of the chosen people. At least you think so.

You don't want to give up your hobby voluntarily. The worry of being alone with one's worries again is too great. The fact that counseling with a clairvoyant also costs money is seen by you as an investment in your eternal happiness.
In the meantime, predictions that didn't become reality are no drama for you either. Because you have an argument at hand for everything. This also applies to forecasts that do not come true. Mostly the blame is found on oneself. Maybe your inner attitude wasn't strong enough or you lost faith in the matter for a short time, could be such arguments.

Family and friends are stunned
Your old life with family and friends has changed too. For you these are the unbelievers who only have the material in their heads. You think these people have no sensitivity for subtle vibrations. That is why discussions about the clairvoyant usually end in an argument.
Family and friends are stunned by how much you've changed. They criticize that your life only seems to be worth living with clairvoyance. They also try to convince you that none of this is to be believed.

But you don't let yourself be dissuaded from your attitude. As a preventive measure, withdraw from family and friends to avoid such discussions. Instead, new contacts are maintained. The like-minded people are now your new surrogate family and friends. You think that only these people understand you.

The drama of addiction
The person seeking advice can get into a dramatic situation if he cannot be helped to get rid of the addiction. This can have an impact not only financially, but also on the emotional level. The loss of old social contacts ensures that you are moving in a world of illusion. The drama of addiction can have far-reaching consequences.
The rational mind and reason were long gone. And self-determination has meanwhile become a foreign word. You make all decisions based on the clairvoyant prognoses.
If a forecast predicts bad news, you can get nervous without a specific reason. The addicts become dependent and also dependent people. They are no longer willing to take responsibility for their lives.
But if you want to get back on the path of normal life, you probably need therapeutic support. Numerous addiction counseling, which also specialize in esoteric topics, offer help.

Should you give up clairvoyance?
Basically one can certainly let the aspects of a possible future be interpreted. Sometimes you already have a feeling or a tendency as to where the path might lead. It is important to understand that the clairvoyant is only providing one form of life counseling opinion.
It's just a different opinion and not considered the only true solution. Because you have free will that also wants to do its job. So use free will, because that's what it's there for. The rational mind should never be disregarded and always play a role when it comes to life choices.

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