Often the hardships we face are here to give us courage and to find our own inner strength. Most crisis cause a major shift in your life and change the path we were on to something that is better in the long run.

Everything that happens to us is there for us to learn and grow in some way. Facing those lessons can be very tough. It is the work we are meant to do for ourselves and if we don’t take that time, those lessons tend to come back again even worse. Sometimes it is easier to hide, to not deal with the crisis. Denial is a natural defense mechanism to any crisis but the sooner you deal with the situation, the better off you’ll be.

The Universe generally has other plans for us and that is often to find the resources within ourselves to get through whatever we are challenged with. It can be an illness, an accident, a death, a traumatic event, a total collapse of all that is familiar. Learn to see things from a broader perspective and it will be easier to get through the current problems. Seeing the bigger picture puts everything into perspective and makes today’s problems seem not quite as overwhelming.

Being afraid is perfectly normal! What separates us from other species is that we can face our fears and grow from them. Having the courage to meet your fears will give you the energy to deal with the obstacles and allows you to tap into your personal strength. And when you can’t find that well of inner strength on your own, ask for help from the Universe!

I learned this when I became so completely overwhelmed with sadness and despair the second Christmas I realized I was going to be away from my children. It hurt so much that I had to give in to the emotion and just say to the Universe that I couldn’t handle it anymore, I couldn’t be strong. As I prayed for help to my angels (the form of Source I most connected with), I felt those emotions being lifted out of me. Within a few minutes, I felt much lighter and knew I would get through this time. We have unlimited resources available if we only ask for help.

When we are able to view our lives from a higher perspective, we are able to find the courage to carry on and to know that this too shall pass. We can take the time to find the lessons and then be grateful for what we are learning. As Bob Proctor says, “Change is constant and inevitable, but personal growth is a choice.” Choose to face your fears and you’ll learn to overcome and be more courageous in all areas of your life. And you know what…you CAN do it!

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Karin Volo is an expert in career and personal development and is known as a Tough Transition Specialist and Dream Life Mentor. Working with entrepreneurs to international organizations, she has gained a broad business viewpoint and has helped hundreds of individuals discover their dream jobs. The common thread with her clients has been that they are experiencing a transition. Her clients say she is professional, inspiring, dedicated, efficient, persistent, and determined. Karin’s passion is helping people better their lives and her purpose is to inspire and teach others to thrive through tough times to discover and create their dream lives.

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