You can cut the boards with a single bevel miter saw just in one direction, mostly to the left direction. As the name itself says “single" it means that you have no option to change the direction of the blade instead you have to change the position of the board. So that you could cut the board with a better angle, thus getting a perfect outcome.

While talking about the dual bevel miter saw, the direction of the blade can be changed either to the right or the left. You need not flip the board to cut it, instead just by switching the button you can change the direction easily. It is simple, easy and time-saving at the same time.

Pros of a single bevel miter saw

Cost of the single bevel miter saw is less than a double miter saw, which will have a great impact over your budget.

Single bevel miter saw is lighter in weight than the double or dual bevel miter saw. So not only the dual miter saw comes up with heavy price tag but also comes in heavyweight. A single bevel miter saw can be carried to the job sites easily.

The cons of using a single miter saw are this that everything will do the same with it but due to the single direction of the blade, it will take longer to perform the task. As you will need to change the direction of the workpiece again and again for the desired angle cut.

Pros of a dual bevel miter saw

For the professional woodworker, a dual bevel miter saw is designed. As it is a great power tool to perform a high level task with much efficiency and speed.
The best part of using this heavy power tool is this that a lot of time will be saved. As you won't require to flip the workpiece again and again to get the desired outcome. It will help you by switching the direction of the blade and make things easier while dealing with bulk.

It is not a joke to handle such power tool if you are not assisted with guidance. So it totally depends on the nature of your job while making the decision for the right miter saw. For newbies and irregular worker single bevel is their tool, while for the woodworkers it is better to go with dual bevel miter saw as it will make things easier for them.

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