Top stub checks are a check of choice by many because they have a stub above the check. This feature gives it room for accounting details, such as payee information, the date the check was issued and the amount paid. In this manner you can make your accounting notes every time you write a check. Your accounting balance is constantly visible with top stub checks.

The register can always be referred to any time with your checkbook. Considering all the various designs and styles available, find a motif that best reflects a pattern you like.

3 basic styles of checks are available. Side tear checks where the perforations are on the side of the check, stop stub checks where perforations are at the top and the desk set checks. Desk set formats come in 3 per page formats and in sets of 300 checks that fit in a binder.

Most people buy their checks from local banks. The other option is to purchase direct from the check manufacturer online. There are checks printed that depict a wide range of check designs of animals, mountains, scenic checks, landscapes, patterns, or seascapes just to name just a few.

Get the best fit to one of these designs. If you own a business you can make use of the designs or even a unique photo check where you can put a picture of your product mix or building along with your company logo onto the topstub check.

Take time to check the correct account number when ordering your checks as well as be a continuation of the last check number for your check stock. Make sure the routing numbers are correct as well.

There are a number of print types and fonts available. Some like script styles in their check design. Make sure your name and address appears the way you like it.

Top stub checkbook checks also have many safeguards to prevent fraud such as micro printing that blurs the bank check when photocopied causing it to look blurry and out of place. Watermarks are also employed to distinguish them.

Also, check to see that your checks arrive in the mail within a practical amount of time. Make sure these are not ripped off.

Top stub bank checks let you write and record transactions every time you crank out a new check and allows for easy carry-over of your balances in addition to a visual report of your transactions.

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